Pegaxy has now implemented Stats system in Racing and Breeding

One of the popular and most talked about NFT game today Pegaxy has finally introduced it’s biggest update yet. The genetics update brought by the developer team of Pegaxy, comes with a new breeding event that may change the whole tide of balance for the game. This update is about changing the gameplay of Pegaxy by taking into consideration the stats of Pegas instead of RNG (Random Number Generator). This is a huge improvement for the game as it will impose a more competitive atmosphere for players to breed more faster Pegas for them to use them in a race. Up until now, races/matches in Pegaxy relied on factors that are randomly generated, and a player will most likely win because of luck.

With this new update, genetics and statistics of each Pega will be more important than ever making players focus on them more rather than being lucky to win. This is why people in the community of Pegaxy calls this update “Stats matter more now”. This will have a really big impact in both the market and playerbase of Pegaxy since breeding of Pegas relies on the NFT aspect of the game.

Breeders will spend more and breed efficiently for them to attain a well built Pega with good stats and genetics. And players will also be motivated to play and race with other players online with their Pegas, because it will give them the true satisfaction of winning since it will determine whose Pega is better than the other.

This update is expected to fix one of the many issues of Pegaxy today, which is oversupply of Pegas. The genetics update will introduce a new burning mechanism to decrease the rising supply of Pegas in the market which affects the currency/token of the game Vigorous (VIS). However, despite the high supply for Pegas, Pegaxy will remove the cooldown period to make way for the new breeding event in the game.

It will enable breeders and players to breed/level up more Pegas that will help them win more matches within a day. The breeding event is expected to start on the 3rd of April, wherein players hope to see a rise and comeback of the VIS token in the market. But with that all said Pegaxy is far from being a skill based NFT game like its competitor Axie Infinity. At the moment, the game only focuses on creating Pegas that are tested on different types of stadiums that favors specific types of Pegas that are compatible in a stadium.

It is said however, that in the future Pegaxy will be introducing foods and gears that can be used on Pegas. We do not have any official information about it yet, but people speculate it to be a type of upgrades that can be used to enhance and improve the stats of a Pega. This will also might be able to be a type of burning mechanism to reduce the surplus of the token in the market. With this new update coming into the game, players and breeders in the community can expect a brighter future for the game that they have all been waiting for ever since it’s release.