Cryptoblades: An in-depth review of this RPG style NFT game

Cyptoblades is a very unique NFT game in the blockchain, that focuses on an RPG style gameplay. First of all what is an RPG? An RPG or role playing game, is a type of game genre wherein players acts or fills in roles of a character in a fictional setting. An RPG game mostly focuses on progressing the game by focusing on decisions that makes a huge impact in the game. These decisions can either be based on the story aspect of a game, or the character development aspect. RPGs are mostly games wherein a player grinds for endless of hours just to build a character that they like. Players focuses on items, skillsets, and the statistics of characters that they build. Cryptoblades is a game that is more or less of what was mentioned before. It is a game that utilizes the skills of players when it comes with building characters and choosing the right weapons and teams to win battles. Players are also able to trade their blades online with other players in the game’s own exclusive market to prevent any forms of mischievous acts. They are also able to buy and sell different kinds of blades and characters with other players through the market. Despite the competition with other NFT games like Axie Infinity, Cryptoblades is on the top when it comes to being unique and different from other NFT games. It is one of the simplest games out there in the blockchain, yet still emphasizes the skill of a player.

Cryptoblades is a game that is known for being a simplistic and grind-focused game. It is played on a website by just simply clicking to battle enemies. Since Cryptoblades is an RPG style game, it is mostly grinding to build a character and attain a strong blade. For the game to have a sense of variety, it has different elements assigned with different characters in the game. Naturally these elements counter the other, while some are weak with others. There is a stamina system in the game which limits the player’s capability to compete with battles against other players. Players can only use four characters each with different elements and blades assigned to them. Once a player enters the combat section of the game they are greeted with four enemies available to fight. Character have their own respective power levels for both the enemies and the ones that players own. When a player chooses an enemy to fight, they consider the power level of the enemy along with its assigned element to take the upper advantage of the battle. Once a player has chosen an enemy, they are then to choose their character and then give them the blade to be used for battle. Winning a battle rewards a player experience to level up their characters and SKILL (the token of the game). SKILL rewards are based on how high the power level of an enemy is. Enemies can be refreshed once every hour which players can use to their advantage by increasing their odds of winning battles. Players can keep on grinding experience used to increase the strength of their characters while earning money simply by winning multiple battles every day in the game.

Although Cryptoblades does not focus on the competitive aspect of a game which some players prefer more than grinding, it is still a time consuming game. It may not be as exciting as games like Axie Infinity wherein players are able to battle it out with other players, but it is still a game that focuses on the knowledge of a player. Unlike other NFT games, Cryptoblades is basically a 100% earning game as long as a player’s characters are strong enough to win and defeat every single enemies in a battle. Cryptoblades is a game that opens up to lots of possibilities in the blockchain. This game proves that an NFT game can be more than just what it is.