Thetan Arena: a in-depth review about this Moba game

NFT gaming is one of the latest sensations in the rapidly-evolving crypto world. These games have completely changed how people approach gaming. They’ve introduced an intriguing play-to-earn model allowing players to make money while playing games. The games utilize blockchain technology to reward players with unique in-game rewards and NFTs that can be traded in decentralized exchanges.

However, most of the NFT games available on the market today are trading or card games. Theta Arena is here to change all that. Theta Arena introduces a thrilling battle arena gameplay in an attempt to attract more people to the project.

But is it a good investment? What tokens does it use, and how exactly can you play and earn from it? Today’s article will answer these and more questions related to Theta Arena. Let’s start digging.

What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game otherwise known as a MOBA game. The game was released back in November 2021. It incorporates blockchain technology running on Binance Smart Chain. This tech allows players to take full ownership of in-game assets like the characters, skins, etc. These items are NFTs, so they are unique and can be traded.

Players can also earn different rewards by participating in various in-game activities. The rewards can then be traded for tokens with real-world value. The game is available on android, iOS, and PC.

Thetan Arena was produced by the famous WolFun Game Studio. The game studio was already pretty popular before the release of Thetan Arena. They had produced another incredibly popular MOBA game called Heroes Strike. Their initial success with this game was very resourceful in helping Thetan Arena get on its feet.

In fact, most of the people who were already playing Heroes Strike moved to Thetan Arena soon after its launch. This, combined with the project’s impressive partnerships and game mechanics, saw Thetan Arena hit a record 6-million active players within two weeks of its launch!

The Thetan Arena project has a team of eleven members. Most of these guys have vast experience in blockchain gaming and the technology at large. For example, Tri Pham, the project’s blockchain advisor, is also the CEO and co-founder of My DeFi Pet and KardiaChain. The CMO, Dung Phan, is the former Tiki BD and Facebook Partner Manager.

Most blockchain games usually see continuous development after their initial release. That’s why it’s critical to analyze an NFT’s game roadmap before investing your money. Not only that, but you should also check whether the project is achieving the goals as laid out.

Thetan Arena has a pretty impressive roadmap. The developers have already achieved some of the goals laid out during the game’s initial release. They also intend to introduce some exciting features throughout 2022.

For example, staking of tokens, guild quests, and pets systems will be released in the second quarter of 2022. Streaming, guild wars, battle passes, co-op modes, tournaments, and offline events are also in the works.

To achieve these targets, WolFun Game Studio and the Thetan Arena developers have collaborated with strategic investors and partners. These include Formless Capital, AU21 Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Animoca Brands, Kyros Ventures, and Clovers Ventures to name a few.

How does Thetan Arena work?

Thetan Arena has several game modes with different objectives. Some modes require you to outlast your opponents on the battlefield or complete the game with the highest points. Others pit you against real opponents forcing you to defend or destroy a tower. Battle participants get rewards that vary depending on the battle results and the rarity of heroes & skins used.

Here is a quick overview of each game mode:

  • Battle Royale (Solo/Duo) – Thetan Arena battle royale functions like most battle royale games. You’ll be placed in a shrinking map with your duo and forced to battle against 20 other duos (21 duos in total to make 42 players). The solo mode has only twelve players and runs for four minutes. The goal is to outlast every other duo in the game. Think warzone, Apex Legends, etc.
  • Death Match – The deathmatch game mode lets you form a team of four players. Your team will then face off against another team. The winner is the team with the highest kills when the timer (three minutes) runs out.
  • Super Star – If you like a fast-paced game mode, you will probably enjoy playing Super Start. This mode requires players to form a team of four and battle against another team while collecting superstars. You also need to defend your fellow teammates during the game. The mode lasts four minutes.
  • Tower Destroy – The objective of Tower Destroy game mode is exactly what it sounds like. Get into the map and destroy your opponent’s tower or “nexus,” as it’s called in the game. It’s just like traditional MOBA games. This game mode runs for five minutes.
  • Custom Battle – This mode lets you invite your friends for a custom battle of your choice. You can pick any map and game mode for custom battles.

In addition to the five game modes, Thetan Arena also hosts various special events. These provide more earning potential to the players. They include:

  • Campaign (PvE) – Players are allowed to join forces to conquer a battlefield through one or more chapters.
  • Collection (PvE) (PvP) – Players join battles and complete different quests to collect Event Coins. You can hold on to these coins or trade them in the Event Shop for valuable rewards.
  • Leaderboard Competition – Leaderboard competitions allow top-ranking players to rise higher up the ranks while receiving different rewards.
  • War (PvP) – War events feature many players divided into two factions and forced to fight each other. Each faction also gets AI bosses and creeps for additional assistance.

Players require in-game characters called Heroes to play these game modes. Every player receives a free Hero called Raidon upon signing up. As you can expect, you only get a level one Hero, so they are not exactly powerful. However, you can level them up by playing different matches.

You should also know that there are three types of Heroes in Thetan Arena. You have Assassin, Marksman, and Tank. The heroes also have different attributes which affect their performance in battles. Their rarity levels also vary, ranging from common and epic to legendary. The rarer your Hero is, the more valuable they are.

Players can also improve their heroes’ attributes by equipping them with skins. Some skins can be won or earned from battles, while others can be bought from the Thetan Arena marketplace. You can also equip your Hero, level them up through duels and skins then sell them on the marketplace for a profit.

One unique feature of Thetan Arena is it has a free-to-play option. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get the hang of the game without putting their money into it. But that’s not all. Unlike other NFT games, whose free-to-play modes have no earning ability, Thetan Arena allows you to make money without any investment.

As the developers explain, the pay-to-play model is limiting, especially in an e-sport game. They want more people to participate and make the game more engaging. That’s why they’ve eliminated barriers like the initial investment that most other games ask for.

That said, you should know that it’s pretty hard to earn substantial amounts of money without making any investment. Yes, you will receive a free Hero. Your Hero will also level up with the matches, and you can even unlock premium Heroes. However, if you want faster progression and more earning potential, you’ll have to make a financial investment to get the best assets for the battles.

Therefore, unless you have zero capital to invest in this project, we recommend using the free-to-play option just for practicing. Once you learn the game mechanics, you’ll be better off investing in better Heroes and skins. These will drastically improve your progression in the game while earning you more cash.

Speaking of which, let’s discuss Thetan Arena tokenomics. Here are the tokens used in the game:

  • Thetan Gem (THG) – Thetan Gem is the governance token in Thetan Arena. Players can earn THG by participating in the special events discussed above. You can also get THG from the marketplace or by taking part in tournaments when the feature rolls out. THG tokens allow you to vote on governance matters regarding the project. Moreover, you can use it to improve your Thetan heroes and to purchase legendary Thetan Boxes.
  • Thetan Coin (THC)Thetan Coin is the in-game currency and can be claimed to players’ wallets. The token is earned by playing Thetan Arena battles and completing quests. You will also receive THC as a reward every time you rank up. You can use THC to purchase NFTs from the marketplace since it’s the primary currency. It’s also used to buy common and epic Thetan Boxes.

How to play Thetan Arena?

Getting started with Thetan Arena is pretty straightforward. Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Download The Game

Visit the official Thetan Arena website to download the game. This MOBA game is available on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, you should have no trouble playing it on the go.

Step 2: Link Your MetaMask Wallet

To claim your tokens and purchase assets from the Thetan Arena marketplace, you must link your MetaMask wallet to the game. If you don’t have the wallet, search “MetaMask” on Google and download the browser extension. Install it and follow the instructions to set up and fund your account with BNB.

Then, click “Marketplace” on the Thetan Arena website, and you will see the option to connect your wallet on the next page. Follow the instructions and connect your wallet.

To purchase in-game assets from the Thetan Arena marketplace, you’ll require WBNB. Therefore, go to Pancakeswap to swap your BNB for WBNB. Note that you’ll be charged gas fees for this transaction. Make sure you have enough WBNB to purchase the assets you need. You can check out the prices of Heroes and other assets in the marketplace before making the swap.

Step 3: Claim Your Free Heroes

Once you’re done connecting your wallet, log into the game. The game will prompt you to claim your three Heroes. Click “claim,” and they should start appearing one by one.

Step 4: Purchase a Paid Hero From The Marketplace

As I mentioned earlier, free heroes have many limitations that can reduce your earning potential. Therefore, you have to invest in paid heroes to earn more from this game.

So, head over to the marketplace with your loaded wallet to purchase some heroes. You can browse specific heroes in the marketplace and purchase one you like. Alternatively, you can buy a Thetan Box from which heroes drop.

The marketplace allows you to sort through the different rarity classes from the left side of the dashboard. You can also choose skin rarity, hero class, level, remaining GTHC battles %, and trophy class. If your biggest worry is the price tag, scroll to the bottom and sort by price range.

Here are a few things you need to know about Thetan Arena heroes when:

  • Assassin – These heroes have low health points, high attack damage, and high speed. They are ideal for launching quick and silent attacks before retreating.
  • Marksman – Marksman heroes have regular health points, high attack damage, and normal speed. These are great for damaging opponents from a distance.
  • Tank – Tank heroes have high health points, normal attack damage, and slow speed. These form the frontline, shielding the rest of the team from the opponent’s attacks.

Consider these attributes when selecting your heroes and forming your team. Also, every hero can earn THC for a specific number of battles. This number is usually represented as “gTHC” in the marketplace. Ensure the hero you’re buying has enough gTHC left; otherwise, your investment won’t yield a meaningful return.

Step 5: Pick A Game Mode

With your team ready, you can now choose the game you want and start fighting against other players. The game will ask you to choose two additional skills on top of the Fury skill. You can choose the two skills from:

  • Effect skills – They inflict status effects on opponents or allies.
  • Damage skills – These optimize the damage dealt by your heroes.
  • Support skills – These skills help support your heroes.

Choose effects that align with your style or strategy for every battle.

How much money can you make with Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena provides several opportunities to make money. The first more obvious option is to participate in the different in-game activities. From the battles to quests and special events, every activity earns players some reward. You can get the THG or THC tokens for your trouble. You can then utilize these tokens to improve your Heroes and your earning potential. Alternatively, you can claim your THC tokens to your wallet.

The other option is a bit more passive. Thetan has a Hero rental system that allows players to rent their Heroes to other people. This earns you passive income without losing the ownership of your Heroes.

You can rent your heroes from the marketplace. Similarly, you can rent other people’s heroes if yours aren’t powerful enough to win battles or earn you more money.

Forget renting; you can also put up your heroes for sale in the marketplace. If you think you have what it takes in the battleground, take a hero, equip them with skins, then level them up on the battlefield. The hero’s attributes will increase, allowing you to flip them for a profit in the marketplace.

Thetan Arena developers are also working on a staking feature. This will allow players to take their tokens for opportunities to earn rewards passively.

In Closing

Thetan Arena is an exciting NFT project. For starters, it takes a very different yet familiar path compared to other NFT games. Unlike other projects focusing on trading and card games, this one takes a unique approach. It offers a multiplayer gaming experience that more people are familiar with. In addition to attracting more investors, this approach also makes the gameplay itself very interesting.

The project also has a well-laid-out roadmap, reputable partners, and a pretty decent team backing its development. The best part yet, is you don’t have to invest to play and earn from Thetan Arena. The free-to-play model doesn’t just let you take the game for a ride. It also allows you to unlock premium heroes. It’s hectic leveling up with this mode, but how many other NFT games offer this kind of a free-to-play mode?