DeFi Kingdoms Review: A Beginners Guide

defi kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain game that utilizes decentralized finance, NFTs, and other blockchain technologies to help gamers earn in-game rewards with real-world value. The game features multiple characters or heroes with different attributes. Players get to own these characters, equip them, and perform other customizations using in-game assets.

The heroes are then deployed into battles where they compete against characters owned by other players. By participating in these matches, players earn in-game rewards like tokens that can be converted into cryptocurrency.

Besides the game itself, the platform also offers a liquidity pool and a vast marketplace of rare NFTs.

DeFi Kingdoms was released in 2021 and runs on Harmony. The project has a big team of backend and front-end developers, game designers, marketers, and community managers. However, you will notice that most of these guys remain anonymous. They do have their social media pages published on the DeFi Kingdoms website, but you don’t get to know their real names or faces.

However, the one thing that remains clear is that the team is committed to making DeFi Kingdoms a success. This can be seen in various ways. For example, they are working on releasing the game on Avalanche. They are also working to introduce more in-game assets to increase players’ earning potential.

How does DeFi Kingdoms work?

You need to set up your MetaMask wallet first before playing DeFi Kingdoms. Your wallet should also be funded with Harmony ONE. You can buy the crypto from Binance, Crypto, and other platforms.

Once you’re done funding your account, you should be able to create a profile on DeFi Kingdoms. Now it’s time to start exploring the features.

I would first suggest converting your ONE into JEWEL, the native governance token of DeFi Kingdoms. This token will now help you buy other digital assets in the game. Head to the marketplace and interact with the trader to complete this transaction.

After getting your JEWELs, you can start spending them to earn more in-game rewards. One way to earn passive income from the game is to stake those tokens. You can do that by heading to the Bank. The bank will reward you with xJewels.

Besides the bank, you can also stake your tokens at the section of the map marked Garden. This is where liquidity pooling takes place. You’ll need two tokens, the JEWEL token and another token of your choice, to start gardening. DeFi Kingdoms gives you multiple tokens to choose from.

What about the gameplay itself? DeFi Kingdoms gameplay is going to feature NFTs known as Heroes. Players can get Heroes from the section of the map called the Tavern. This is also the place where you’ll be able to sell or rent your Heroes to other players.

The Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms have different professions. You can get gardeners, forgers, miners, or fishers. The Heroes will be able to participate in quests within their professions.

Now, you can improve your Hero’s performance in these quests by boosting their skills. For example, you can invest in your mining Heroes to improve their mining capabilities. This will then improve their efficiency in mining Jewels and gold. They can even get rare treasures from the mines.

Besides mining, gardening, fishing, and forging, you can pair two heroes to summon a new hero from the portal. The type of heroes summoned will always depend on the two heroes being paired. And you don’t have to use your own heroes for summoning. You are free to rent a Hero from the Tavern and use them for summoning.

As far as tokens go, DeFi Kingdoms offers four types:

  • JEWELS – This is the in-game currency and native token of the game. You will need it to buy and rent in-game digital assets like the Heroes.
  • xJewels – xJewels are earned from staking your JEWEL tokens at the bank.
  • ONE – ONE is the Harmony token used to pay gas fees (transaction charges).
  • DFKTEARS – You need these tokens to summon heroes at the Portal.

How To Play DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a pretty straightforward game. Once you set up your account and sign into the game, you will see a self-explanatory dashboard or world map. The map shows all points of interest within the Kingdom. You have Docks, Tavern, Marketplace, Bank, Gardens, Meditation Circle, Portal, and Professions.

You don’t need any serious technical skills to play or explore any of these areas at the moment. Perhaps that will become necessary once the developers introduce the much-awaited PVP game mode.

Nevertheless, here are some of the things you can do in the various points of interest found in the DeFi Kingdom:

The Tavern

As pointed out earlier, The Tavern is where you can purchase, rent, or sell DeFi Kingdom heroes. One of the people present in this part of the map is Barkeep Kessing. The guy will give you access to the cards of different heroes. Kessing can also help you send a hero to another player in DeFi Kingdom.

The other person at the Tavern is Selena. She’s an agent that can help you find Heroes available for purchase.


This is a crucial part of the DeFi Kingdoms. It is where you can trade ONE token for JEWEL, the game’s primary currency, with the help of a trader/merchant the developers called Matoya.

Besides trading ONE tokens, Matoya can also help you invest JEWEL tokens to grow your balance. She can also help you swap tokens on the Harmony blockchain.

Moreover, you can purchase Heroes using JEWEL tokens from this place.

Druid Lazarus is the other merchant present in the marketplace. Druid will help you invest in liquidity pools. He also helps with the pairing of tokens.

You can speak to Druid Lazarus to purchase Seeds. These Seeds can then be used in the part of the map marked Garden.


Henry The Horticulturist is the head of DeFi Kingdom’s Garden. This is the place to go when you want to invest in liquidity pools. Check the Seedbox to see the available liquidity pools. DeFi Kingdom developers have made it relatively easy for you to choose a pool by attaching some data on each liquidity pool. They show information like emissions, the amount already invested in the pool, and predicted return.

When you find an interesting liquidity pool worth investing in, use the Seeds you bought from Druid Lazarus to make your investment. Then, Henry, The Horticulturist, will get to work and plant them right away. As your plants grow, you will earn rewards that can be accessed from the Harvest section of the garden.


The next interesting part of the world map is the Bank section operated by Banker Ian. This area allows you to deposit your jewels into a vault. Your deposits will attract rewards from in-game JEWEL transactions and decentralized exchange fees.

This is the place you want to put your JEWELS if you’re not investing them anywhere else. They will earn you rewards passively. And, of course, the more JEWELs you have deposited in the vault, the more rewards you will earn.

Meditation Circle

As the name suggests, the meditation circle is used by heroes for meditation. Bring your heroes here to help them meditate and improve their attributes.

The Portal

Heroes are summoned from the Portal. You will require two heroes to summon a hero at the portal. Archdruid Argranam, who’s found at the portal, will do a ritual with the two heroes to channel the heroes’ energy into a crystal. Then, Lisa, the Summoner, will use that crystal to summon a new hero into the realm.

Note that all heroes are unique. Therefore, the new hero will have combined attributes of the two heroes used in the ritual, but they’ll be 100% unique. That’s because DeFi Kingdom heroes are NFTs, so you can actually trade them for tokens with real-world value.

The heroes in DeFi Kingdoms come with several attributes that affect their performances. Some of these attributes include:

  • Mana points – These are also abbreviated as MP. Heroes need mana points to use their skills and cast spells.
  • Hit points – Hit Points or HP shows the hero’s health. You will need to rest your hero when their hit points run low to enable their restoration.
  • Stamina – Stamina is required for the hero to participate in a quest. Therefore, you cannot do any quests when your hero runs out of stamina until it regenerates automatically.
  • Dexterity – This allows the hero to modify their attack damages with various tools.
  • Strength – Strength increases attacks and several other actions.

  • Agility – Agility improves a hero’s speed and ability to evade attacks.
  • Vitality – Vitality influences a hero’s hit points growth. It can also affect recovery from several debuffs.
  • Endurance – Endurance increases the hero’s defense.
  • Intelligence – Intelligence improves your hero’s magic, evasion, and skills.
  • Luck – A hero with more luck points is highly likely to acquire rare items when participating in some of the activities found in DeFi Kingdom. Luck can also improve a hero’s evasion capabilities during battle and can influence critical hits.
  • Wisdom – Wisdom influences how many mana points a hero gains when leveling up. It also adds a multiplier to attacks and magic skills.


This is the area to bring your heroes and help them level up. At the Professions area, miners, fishers, gardeners, and forgers gain experience and skills by participating in quests. The heroes become more efficient in their profession when they complete these quests. However, you will be charged a stamina point for every quest they participate in.

But on the bright side, heroes will earn you rewards when they complete challenges from this area. Moreover, they become more valuable, allowing you to fetch more money when you rent or sell them.

The Castle

The Castle is still under development. This will be your one-stop shop for purchasing and selling parcels of land in DeFi Kingdom.


The Docks section has a bridge and ship. This is where you can move from and to Harmony one with the help of Dockmaster Maria. It is one of the newer points of interest added to the map.

How much money can you make with DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms offers various money-making opportunities ranging from selling and renting heroes to participating in quests for in-game rewards. You can also capitalize on your Hero’s profession to mine, fish, forge, or garden. This helps you acquire assets that can be sold at the marketplace.

You should know that the more these Heroes take part in their respective professions, the more experience they gain. This increases your future earning potential. Therefore, DeFi Kingdoms is a game you want to play long-term for a bigger ROI.

It’s also worth pointing out that DeFi Kingdoms is an evolving project. The team behind it is still investing in other features. They will roll out a PVP game mode. Players will also be able to craft equipment that will improve their hero’s characteristics and, by extension, value. The future of this blockchain game is hence very promising.

In Closing

To recap, DeFi Kingdoms is a fascinating NFT and decentralized finance game with a play-to-earn model. The game essentially involves purchasing and equipping heroes who will be deployed into battles. The heroes will fight against opponents from other real players. Winners will earn in-game rewards that can be traded for various crypto.

Therefore, DeFi Kingdoms is something you want to look at if you are thinking of investing in engaging crypto gaming. One of the good things about this project is you don’t have to grind through gaming to make money. You can earn passive income from DeFi Kingdoms by staking your tokens and renting your heroes. You can also earn through gardening.

The developers are also working on exciting updates for the project. For example, they are planning to introduce land NFTs. These will allow players to purchase land from DeFi Kingdom, something similar to another NFT game called The Sandbox. On top of that, they want to introduce buildings that will allow gamers to customize their kingdoms.

There you have it. That’s everything you need to know about the DeFi Kingdoms crypto game. Is there anything we left out? Let us know.