CyBall Review: is this Football NFT game worth it?

NFT gaming is a quickly evolving space. Axie Infinity helped put the spotlight on this new play-to-earn gaming model. Since then, the industry has seen an insane increase in blockchain games. Hundreds of NFT games were released in 2021 alone. Many more are still in development. CyBall is one of the latest NFT games to enter the market.

This review will tell you everything there is to this game. You will learn what the game is all about, the team behind it, its roadmap, how it works, how you can get started, and how to earn from it. Let’s dive right in.

What is CyBall?

CyBall is a futuristic soccer or football-themed NFT game released in late 2021. It also has an element of card games since it allows players to collect and use cards to improve their in-game performance.

To play CyBall, users need to form a team of in-game characters known as CyBlocs. Like other NFT games, not all characters are the same. Players can improve or acquire CyBlocs with better attributes for enhanced performance on the pitch. Better performance translates to higher earnings  —this is a play-to-earn game, after all.

That doesn’t mean you have to grind day and night to make money from CyBall. You can also be a passive investor with this game. For example, you can acquire best-in-class CyBlocs and loan them out to other players. That will earn you income without playing the actual game. And since CyBlocs are NFTs, you can also collect and sell them in the marketplace for a profit.

CyBall runs on the BNB chain. However, the team behind the project is also keen on launching it on Solana. They promise this will happen as soon as a multi-chain gaming environment is made possible.

Speaking of which, who are the developers behind CyBall? CyBall was co-founded by three guys; Aaron Yee, Tin Tran, and Kevin Bui. Long Vuong is also part of the team. He was the co-founding advisor.

It’s always important to analyze the team behind an NFT-based game before investing in the project. Doing this helps you determine the ability of the game to grow. In other words, it can tell you how likely it is for your investment to yield a return.

When looking at an NFT game’s team, you always want to see the team’s experience with blockchain technology and game development. If the team has members with great blockchain experience, then you know they’re likely to steer the project in the right direction. Meanwhile, game development experience can help the team create a fantastic gaming experience. That’s critical because great experiences will attract more players. That, in turn, increases the popularity of the project. This can translate to more ROI.

It’s good to see that CyBall’s team has both blockchain and game development experience. Aaron Yee, for example, has 10+ years of game development experience. In fact, he was once a game designer for Frozen. Besides working for Disney, he also worked for Animoca Brands, a venture capital and game software company based in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Long Vuong brings a wealth of blockchain technology expertise to the team.

How does CyBall Work?

At the risk of oversimplification, the CyBall gameplay involves creating a team of three CyBlocs and choosing your game’s tactics before playing against an opponent’s team. Players also get to choose a tactic card that will be used during key events that take place in every match. Playing these cards will cost stamina points, but they can drastically improve your chances of winning. Therefore, they are usually worth it.

When picking your team, you’ll need to keep in mind that different CyBlocs have different attributes. First, a CyBloc can belong in one of five classes; bronze, silver, gold, platinum, or legendary. The class also represents CyBloc’s rarity, with the bronze class being the most common and legendary being the rarest.

Besides classes, every CyBloc comes with several traits. A single CyBloc can have anything between one and three traits. These traits also vary in rarity from common and rare to super rare. There are 50 traits listed in the CyBall whitepaper so far.

Where do CyBlocs get their traits from? A trait can be inherited from CyBloc’s mentor. Naturally gained or inherited traits are usually common and have less value. Also, CyBlocs with fewer traits are less valuable. On the other hand, super rare traits make a CyBloc more valuable. More traits increase CyBloc’s value even further.

Besides influencing a CyBloc’s value, traits also impact how the CyBloc performs in matches and how many rewards they can earn.

Every CyBloc has footballing skills. There are six skills: physical, shooting, crossing, dribbling, passing, and tackling. Every CyBloc comes with a base rating for every skill when they are born. This rating varies based on the CyBloc’s class. CyBlocs are also given a single skill point at every level for free. This skill point can be assigned to any of the six skills. However, you can’t assign more than 60 skill points to a single skill.

Cyblocs also move between different levels ranging from 1 to 100. 1 is the base level where all CyClocs start from. To move from one level to the next, you will need to earn 100XP points.

Finally, CyBlocs have a randomly generated nationality. This attribute will become helpful in the future when the Stadium Manager feature is released. For example, the developers claim a team with CyBlocs from the same nationality may get an advantage in matches if they have the correct trait.

After understanding the CyBloc attributes, the next thing you need to know is the different game modes. CyBall has three game modes:

1.    Exhibition

Exhibition is a casual PvP game mode. Players can use it to practice and have fun. Still, it has a basic play-to-earn model, so you will earn some rewards from this mode.

Phase 1 of CyBall features a 3v3 (three CyBlocs per player) Exhibition mode with a 5v5 mode expected in phase 2. The 3v3 mode costs three energy points per match, has six key events, is shorter, and has fewer rewards.

Keep in mind that players receive 60 energy points per day. It costs one energy point for every CyBloc to participate in a match. Therefore, you’ll spend three energy points in a 3v3 Exhibition game mode.

Note that only the teams with a similar average overall rating can play against each other in the Exhibition mode. This is done to add fairness to the matches.

2.    League

The League mode functions just like a regular football league. Players get to choose 7 CyBlocs at the beginning of the season. You won’t be able to change the CyBlocs once the season starts. Of the 7 CyBlocs, five will start matches while two remain on the bench. Players can choose the starting lineup at the start of every match.

When the season ends, teams will be promoted or relegated depending on their results. The League mode will roll out in Phase 2. It will have ten key events and more rewards than the Exhibition mode.

3.    Tournament

The Tournament mode will allow players to participate in tournaments created by different organizers. Once you’re invited to a tournament, you’ll choose your team of seven CyBlocs who will participate in the entire tournament. You can’t change the CyBlocs mid-tournament, but you can always alter the starting lineup of 5 CyBlocs before every match.

Teams will receive various rewards at the end of the tournament based on their results. If your team wins the tournament, all CyBlocs in that team will receive a championship trophy. The best part? This trophy will be attached to your Cybloc’s profile.

The Tournament mode will cost zero energy points to participate in. The mode will also feature the highest rewards. Plus, participating teams can get sponsorships from outside partners.

4.    Training

Training is a PvE game mode where players can level up their CyBlocs. It costs zero energy points to participate in training matches, and it has no play-to-earn model. The only thing you will get here is experience which can help your CyBlocs improve.

There are two options under the training game mode. The 3v3 battle stadium will put your three CyBlocs against three AI-controlled CyBlocs.

The second option is called Hire-a-Coach. This is the perfect mode for you if you have no time to level up your CyBlocs manually. Splash some $CBT (one of the game’s tokens), and the CyBlocs will be put through automatic training sessions.

Let’s now discuss the two CyBall tokens:

  • CyBloc Battery Token (CBT)

CBT is a BEP-20 and ERC-20 token with an unlimited supply. It is the game’s utility token and standard reward.

Players can earn $CBT tokens by competing in PvP game modes. You can also earn from CyLoans, where players loan out their unused CyBlocs to other players. $CBT may also be awarded to players assisting the CyBall ecosystem by participating in various activities.

CBT tokens will be used in the Hire-a-Coach training mode and for mentoring CyBlocs.

  • CyBall Token (CYB)

CYB is a BEP-20 and ERC-20 governance token. CYB holders will have voting rights on strategic issues regarding the CyBall project. CYB tokens can also be used for mentoring CyBlocs.

Players can earn CyBall tokens as staking rewards or special rewards after competing in the Tournament and League game modes. CYB tokens will also be given to players who participate in useful activities within the CyBall ecosystem.

Note that there is a limited supply of CYB tokens.

How to play CyBall?

Getting started with CyBall is pretty straightforward. First, go to the official CyBall website and download the application. The app is only available for windows and android at the time of writing this.

Next, you need to log in. You can do that by connecting your wallet with the game. You can connect a MetaMask wallet, Binance Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, or WalletConnect. Just click on the appropriate option, and the prompts will guide you through the rest of the process.

Then, go to the marketplace and purchase your CyBlocs. Use the guide on CyBlocs attributes we discussed above to pick the right CyBlocs from the marketplace.

With your CyBlocs ready, it’s time to pick a game and start playing. The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward. Let’s say you want to play Exhibition 3v3. After clicking this mode, the matchmaking system will find you an appropriate opponent. This system finds another player with a similar or closely matched overall rating.

Once the algorithm finds an opponent, the next screen will show you the opponent and their CyBlocs for a few seconds. Skim through their CyBlocs and use that intel to pick the appropriate match strategy.

In the next window, you will have 15 seconds to pick your match strategy. There are five strategies to choose from; ultra-offensive, offensive, balanced, defensive, ultra-defensive. You’ll have another chance to pick a different strategy during halftime.

Once the 15 seconds elapse, you will enter a new window resembling a football pitch. Hover your mouse to the opponent’s CyBlocs to view their stats. Then, the key events will start. The Exhibition 3v3 has six events; three in the first half and the other three in the second half.

A window pops up just before each event, showing what the event is about. For example, solo/physical means each player can choose only one CyBloc. Oh, and you have 30 seconds to pick that CyBloc and the appropriate tactic card to use for the event. Hover your mouse above the cards to see what they do.

Note that you need tactic powers to play a tactic card. Every player is given five tactic powers, which are consumed based on the tactic cards you play. Therefore, it’s possible to play the match without using a tactic card.

Click ready once you’re done picking a CyBloc and the tactic card. The two CyBlocs will then go head-to-head, competing on their physicality stat. The winner is the CyBloc with the best stat. The game will play a short animation showing the winner scoring a goal against the opponent.

At the end of each key event, you will see a small window showing the event’s results. The second event will start shortly afterward. Repeat the same process of picking your CyBloc, and the tactic card, then click ready. Be sure to make your selection before the timer runs out; otherwise, the system will pick a CyBloc randomly for you.

Also, avoid using the same CyBloc in subsequent events. As you will see, CyBlocs do get tired after completing an event.

Once the match ends, you will see the final results and the rewards you’ve earned. Playing CyBall is that simple.

How much money can you make with CyBall?

Like other NFT-gaming projects, CyBall is a work-in-progress. There is already a lot you can do within the game, like mentoring and playing the 3v3 Exhibition and training modes. Still, there is a lot yet to come. Features like Stadium Manager, Pep Talks, and the Tournament and League modes are scheduled for later this year.

Nevertheless, players can make a decent income from the available gaming options. For example, you can purchase CyBloc NFTs and battle them out against opponents on the pitch for $CBT and $CBY tokens. These tokens can be claimed in your wallet.

There is also the CyLoan option to loan out your CyBlocs. Moreover, you can sell your NFTs in the marketplace. Therefore, money-making opportunities are plentiful in CyBall. Plus, you can expect even more opportunities as additional features are introduced.

In Closing

CyBall is an NFT game of interest for any football or soccer lover. This game allows you to experience a futuristic football game while earning rewards with real-world value. But that’s not the only group of people who could benefit from CyBall.

The NFT game is also ideal for anyone interested in joining the crypto or blockchain world. It will introduce you to the basics of collecting, owning, and trading NFTs pretty well. Investors will also find CyBall pretty exciting. This game applies a football theme that will likely attract more people since football is a pretty popular sport. The project also has high-profile backers like Impossible Finance, Ascensive Assets, Animoca Brands, SkyVision Capital, Rok Capital, and Coin98