Aavegotchi Review: is this DeFi NFT game worth it?

Aavegotchi is a DeFi NFT game running on the Aave network. The game combines decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens in a gaming experience that helps players learn and get into the crypto world in a fun and engaging way. It also has a play-to-earn model allowing players to stake their tokens and earn yields with real-world value.

Aavegotchi allows players to create their own game characters called Gotchis. Players can also buy Gotchis from the game’s marketplace. These characters are represented by NFTs, so they are unique and have a real value.

How valuable are Aavegotchi Gotchis? Well, the value of Gotchis depends on various factors. First, you must understand that every Gotchi is unique, and that’s how they can be traded as NFTs. Therefore, attributes usually vary from one Gotchi to the next. Gotchis with the best attributes are more valuable. Also, the rarest Gotchis are way more valuable than regular or common ones.

Aavegotchi was launched in 2021 by Pixelcraft Studios. The project has multiple people supporting its development. The company co-founder, Jesse Johnson, is well known as the creator of Bullionix, the first platform to provide gold-backed NFTs.

How does Aavegotchi work?

Aavagotchi is very similar to another blockchain game called Tamagotchi. However, Aavagotchi runs on the Aave protocol, a side-chain of Ethereum. Players must have a MetaMask account and an Ethereum address to experience the game. From there, you’ll need to purchase GHST tokens (the native token for the game) to now buy and use in-game assets.

Aaavegotchi essentially involves purchasing NFTs called Gotchis and upgrading their avatars in various ways. One easy way is by participating in mini-games. These games help players earn rewards that can be used to upgrade the Gotchis even further.

Gotchis avatars are also found in Aavagotchi as NFT collectibles.

Another way to earn GHST tokens is by participating in rarity farming. The gameplay was designed to reward active and thoughtful players. Therefore, the rewards you get will depend on the uniqueness, experience, and rarity of your Gotchis. You should get more rewards if you spend more time customizing and upgrading your Gotchis.

Gotchis have different traits affecting their rarity. First, when you summon a Gotchi, the system assigns them several random traits. The randomly-generated traits include energy, aggressiveness, spookiness, brain size, eye shape, eye color, and eye size. These attributes affect how the Gotchi performs in different mini-games. For example, a Gotchi with a high energy trait will perform well in races but very poorly in meditation mini-games.

Besides the randomly-generated traits, there are several other traits, including:

  • Kinship – This trait shows the Gotchis loyalty to its owner. All Gotchis come with an assigned Kinship trait that fluctuates upwards or downwards depending on how often you interact with it and how long it stays with one owner.
  • Experience – Gotchis get experience or XP when they participate in mini-games and vote in the AavegotchisDAO. You can also sacrifice your Aavegotchi and transfer some of its XP to another Aavegotchi.
  • Level – Gotchis levels increase as they get more XP. Your Gotchis will also earn a spirit point after moving through several levels. These points can be used to boost certain traits.
  • Haunt – Haunt represents a group of Gotchis traveling to the Ether Realm from the Nether Realm.

Aavegotchi offers different types of gaming modes. Mini-games are part of the experience. These games allow players to invite their friends for different types of games ranging from combat to baking and meditation.

Your performance in the mini-games will depend on the traits of the Gotchis you are using for each game. You want to pick a Gotchi with relevant traits for the specific game in question. For example, a Gotchis with high aggressive traits is ideal for combat-related mini-games. Winners earn more XP and the Spirit Force (aTokens) of the defeated opponent.

Speaking of mini-games, Aaavagotchi developers report there will be two types of mini-games; official and unofficial or community games. Official games will be developed by the game’s developers. Meanwhile, unofficial games will be developed by the Aavagotchi community. Reverse Pacman and Gotchi Tower Defense are examples of community mini-games.

How To Play Aavegotchi

You’ll need to connect your MetaMask wallet with Aavegotchi when you first sign up. You should also load the wallet with some Ethereum, which you’ll need to purchase the Aavegotchi’s in-game currency later on.

With that out of the way, here is a step by step guide on how to start playing Aavegotchi and some tips to help you outsmart opponents:

Strep 1: Buy GHST Tokens

GHST is the native currency in Aavegotchi. You need these tokens to purchase in-game assets like the Gotchis, consumables, wearables, and other items. To purchase GHST tokens, go to the official Aaavegotchi website and click “Get GHST.” You will see several options on how to purchase the tokens.

You can buy through decentralized exchanges like UniSwap, QuickSwap, and Pancake Swap. You can also buy the tokens from centralized exchanges such as Kraken and Binance.

Bonding Curve is the other option. However, you will need KYC to purchase tokens from this platform. Unfortunately, US, China, Iran, and North Korean citizens cannot use this platform.

You should also know that Aaevgotchi migrated to Polygon, which makes the process of sending your tokens from Ethereum to Polygon a bit longer. You need to bridge from the Ethereum to the Polygon blockchain using the Aavegotchi bridge to complete that transfer.

Step 2: Go To The Baazaar

Baazaar is the name given to the Aavegotchi marketplace. This is where you’ll be able to purchase in-game assets like the Aavegotchis. You will also find wearables, consumables, raffle tickets, and portals from this menu.

The marketplace provides insightful details about every item listed for sale. For example, if you click on the Aavegotchis tab on the left, you will see a list of all the Aavegotchis available. Moreover, you will see key attributes and other details attached to every Aavegotchi. For example, you will see their rarity score, Kinship, level, and haunt. It also shows scores for all six Aavegotchi traits.

You’ll also see the owner of the Aavegotchi and information on whether the Aavegotchi has ever been sold before and for how much.

These details should make it easier to find the assets you want.

Step 3: Summon Your Aavegotchi

Head over to the portal to summon your “friend” or Aavegotchi. You will notice that there are 10 Aavegotchis in each portal. You can only summon one from the ten. Therefore, scan through the traits of each Aavegotchi before picking one. Once you pick the Aavegotchi you want, the rest will disappear.

You will need GHST tokens to purchase portals from Aavegotchis. These portals are usually put up for sale every month through an event called “Haunts.”

Besides the GHST tokens needed to buy the portal, you will also require aTokens (spirit force) to use as a stake when summoning Aavegotchis from the portal. There is a minimum stake that you must submit. But, of course, you can go above that set minimum.

You can get the aTokens from Aave or through decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.

The problem with getting Aavegotchis through the portal is that the number of portals is typically very limited. That means the demand is high, which makes it harder for everyone to get the portals. Therefore, you’ll have to acquire the Aavegotchis via the main marketplace more often than not. Nevertheless, be sure to analyze the base rarity score (BRS) of the Aavegotcis before summoning one from the portal.

Step 4: Participate In Rarity Farming

Rarity farming involves raising Aavegotchis to increase their rarity score and, by extension, value. There are various ways of boosting the rarity of your Gotchis. The first and more obvious method is by picking Aavegotchis with a high base rarity score when summoning them. That, by itself, gives you a headstart before you even start doing anything else to the Aaavegotchi.

The next method is by equipping your Aavegotchis with wearables. You can even purchase a pair of wearables that give your Aavegotchi bonus scores when equipped together.

The wearables are not free. You have to buy them from the Baazaar marketplace using GHST tokens. Wearables do more than boost your Aaavegotchis’ rarity, though. They will also improve the Gotchis performance in mini-games. That can help you defeat opponents to earn even more rewards from the game.

One thing to keep in mind is that rarity is not exactly linear. There is no guarantee that focusing on one trait can increase your Gotchi’s rarity score. External factors can also come into play. For example, if a significant portion of players were to increase their Gotchi’s aggression points, the game would end up having too many Gotchis with high aggression. That will automatically reduce the rarity of Aavegotchis with the trait.

Therefore, consider what other players are doing and adjust your rarity farming strategy accordingly. That’s why it is essential to be passionate and active in the Aavegotchi community.

Step 5: Collect Your Rarity Farming Rewards

The rewards you earn from rarity farming are sent to your Aavegotchi’s inventories. To access these rewards, go to “My Avegotchis Page” and click any Aavegotchis involved in farming. You will then see a “Pocket” button at the bottom right corner of the next window. Click that button. That will display the inventory of that specific Aavegotchi. You will see how many GHST tokens they’ve earned from there. You should also see the wearables they have.

Participate in Community-Created Mini-Games

Aavegotchi developers are still working on the official Aavegotchi mini-games. They hope to create immersive games that will allow players to pit and control their Gotchis when battling against real opponents. Additionally, they are working on another simpler mode that will use random number generators to put two players against each other.

All that is to come, though. What you can play at the moment are the community mini-games developed by Aavegotchi enthusiasts. There are just under 20 mini-games available to play right now. The games also provide different experiences.

For example, the Gotchi Tower Defense developed by Jarrod requires you to defend a tower against caster invaders. Meanwhile, the Reverse Pacman created by Aaron555 is based on the old Pac-man game. However, it has different rules to spice things up.

Play in the Gotchiverse

The Gotchiverse or Ether Realm is a recently introduced feature in Aavegotchi. The Realm is split into three zones; The Citaadel, The Grid, and The Beyond. You will find districts within some of these zones. The districts are home to different guilds.

This realm gives players the opportunity to farm, craft, trade, and fight using their Aavegotchies. Engaging in these activities helps you acquire resources called Gotchus Alchemica which can be used to build installations.

The developers are also working to introduce Lickquidators who will invade the Gotchiverse. The Liqckquidators will come to fight Aavegotchis and collect loose Gotchus Alchemica in the Ether Realm.

Players can also opt to play as Lickquidators instead of Aavegotchis. All they need is Lickuidator Credits which can be bought using GHST tokens. You can also get the tokens by inviting your friends, completing different tasks, and participating in airdrops.

How much can you make with Aavegotchi?

Ultimately, the amount of money you can make from Aavegotchi will depend on your input and the game’s developers to take the project to the next level. You need to invest in upgrading your Gotchis to increase their value. You’ll also need to spend time staking your tokens and playing the mini-games and other quests to raise your Gotchis XP and rarity.

On the developer’s end, they’ll need to continue investing in the project to attract new players and drive the value of the game’s digital assets upwards.

In Closing

The crypto gaming industry blew up not long ago, but the market is already filled with hundreds of crypto games. However, very few of these games have a solid development plan that may help investors get their money back.

Aavegotchi has several advantages that most other crypto games don’t have. First, the project is headed by Jesse Johnson, the co-founder of Bullionix. He’s a pretty respectable figure in the crypto world. The game is also being developed by Pixelcraft Studios, a renowned gaming studio.

The gameplay and tokenomics of Aavegotchi are also pretty good. There are lots of resources to help you learn the game. You also get various opportunities to earn in-game rewards either by playing the game or passively through holding or staking your tokens. Therefore, Aavegotchi is an NFT game worth your consideration if you want to invest in the play-to-earn crypto game industry