What to Expect In Axie Infinity: Origin

Axie Infinity, is one of if not the most popular play to earn games out there today has recently been developing a whole new version for it’s players to experience, named Axie Infinity: Origin. Although the release date has been teased and moved countless of times before the fact has still remained that the new update will change the whole market. The developer of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis along with it’s founder Jihoz has made a lot of major improvements and changes to the game that will surely excite the players. Based on the posters, posts, and announcements they made the new version contains new cards, new visuals, new effects, and a Free-to-play experience for those who wants to try the game for free!

The game is said to give players three free starter axies that they can use but only in the new mode which is “Story mode. We can expect that the update will be quite big and take a bit of memory for players to be able to install it on their devices. Although it might not be one big update on it’s launch, but it might be multiple updates that will drop one by one in the future.

In the process of balancing and fixing the game before it’s launch (along with the volume of slp in the market) Sky mavis aims to change their way of improving the game. As mentioned before, players will be able to receive three starter axies named Olek, Buba, and Puffy that they will be able to use to experience the game. The whole gameplay itself will be a different experience since Sky mavis wants to make the game more fast paced and interacted while playing a match. They made changes like players being able to interact with the cards that the opponents will use in their turns.

This means that instead of waiting for the other player to finish their turn, players will be able to counter the opponent’s card immediately while they are still making their move. Additionally, it is also said that they made changes to the mechanics of using your energy for card management. This is to ensure players to use their energy at each round instead of saving them for the next one.

This new version of the game will not only affect the gameplay experience of players, but also they way they will be able to earn money with it. SLP (Smooth love potion) is the main currency of this game, wherein it is used to either exchange it for money, for breeding, or trade it to buy axies in the marketplace. As of the current version of the game, players are able to earn SLP by winning a match with other players in the game. Sky mavis removed the daily rewards and SLP earnings through playing adventure mode to reduce the volume of SLP within the market. However, it was still not enough for the price of SLP to rise once more in the market.

Traders, investors, and players from the community predicts that this update will finally pave a way for SLP to pump to the moon. It’s obvious why the community predicts this for the sole reason of the new update bringing in new possibilities for the game. This is why Axie infinity has continued to live on ever since it’s first release years ago. The developers always think of new ideas and ways for the game to be enjoyable for people while still being a play-to-earn game. This is why axie infinity is known as the number NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game in the market today!