Derby Stars’ final presale is here at last!

On March 30, the Derby Stars team announced that the last pre-sale would commence in the first quarter of May. The announcement included One Planet being the designated platform for the minting, which contributed to an incredible experience during the second pre-sale. The minting will comprise 4,000 horses, bringing their total supply of Origin Horses to 10,000. Details such as the actual date, time, and starting price of the auction during the final stage, on the other hand, remain unknown.

The final pre-sale will follow a similar pattern to the two prior pre-sales. The first stage will be a private sale in which only whitelisted members can participate. Before the presale begins, the Derby Stars team will give 2,500 whitelist tickets (WL) in different manners (details below). In this stage, 2,500 common and rare horses will be minted randomly at the end of the phase.

The second stage is a public sale, which is available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. In comparison to previous pre-sales, the public sale this time will be at a smaller amount, with just 1,060 random common and rare horses (5 LUNA per mint) compared to 1,470 of the first two. More importantly, players can mint only three horses per wallet.

In contrast to the public sale, the last stage will mint 40 unique horses, which is 10-more than the Unique Auction of the first two pre-sales. During this phase, players can mint only up to three Unique horses. This process will make the minting fairer. Lastly, starting price per unit and the time of auction remain unannounced.

Whitelist Ticket Details

A ticket allows you to mint only one horse NFT. The team allocated 2,500 WL tickets for this pre-sale for them to distribute to various members of the Derby Stars community. From March 30 until the end of April, opportunities to gain WL tickets will be open. Several ways to obtain WL tickets are as follows:

Derby Stars’ official Discord server

There are numerous ways to obtain WL tickets on the official Discord server of Derby Stars. One of these ways is having one of the two WL roles.

  1. @Enthusiasts – Enthusiasts are Derby Stars members that the team feels exemplify the perfect community member. They share the mission and assist the community to come together by guiding newbies and sharing everything there is to know about horse qualities, among other things. Enthusiasts can get WL roles by participating in raffle and community events to obtain three tickets at max.
  2. @WL – members can obtain this role by participating in raffles and community activities. If you hold a WL role, you will not be able to obtain more WL tickets at other Raffle and Community events.

The team will also award members that engage in community activities such as quiz trivia, art & meme contests, discord games, and AMA amounting to 240 tickets. During April, the team will organize raffles to award 450 tickets to members. Everyone, LV 5 and LV 10 of “MEE6” have their corresponding raffle pool.

The Derby Stars team believes that collaboration is essential to succeeding in the environment. They have allocated 625 WL tickets for collaborations with other NFT and P2E initiatives. This partnership includes influencers and ambassadors. Interested prospects can submit a business ticket to the official server of Derby Stars. Similarly, the team expects Gaming Guilds will raise interest in Derby Stars. The team has allotted 900 WL tickets to various gaming guilds that line with their objectives.

Finally, the team stated in their announcement that they would raffle out any remaining WL tickets on their Discord server. In addition, the crew emphasized that the overall allocation of the WL may alter.