Blockchain Brawlers™ receives a massive economical balance update.

WAX io is hopped up to announce the economic changes of the rowdiest play-to-earn game in the Metaverse, Blockchain Brawlers™!

The development team publicized that they are eager to make game changes that would allow them to fine-tune and run a healthy in-game economy. For this to happen, they addressed the following areas that need adjustment: 

  • player behaviors
  • an in-game economy that builds slowly over time
  • keeping the initial number of players low. 

Furthermore, WAX io will continue to recalibrate the game to maintain a healthy game economy. As Blockchain Brawlers™ reach this equilibrium, they will attempt to enhance marketing and promotional initiatives to get additional gamers to participate in the action.

The improvements stated below (“PART 1”) are currently operating in the game. The “Part 2” adjustments will go live on April 19, 2022, at 4 p.m. ET.

Live Patch of Blockchain Brawlers™ (Part 1)

Gold Balancing (Problem #1)

When WAX io pre-launched various scenarios, the team expected to build up Scotty owners to promote the construction of assets culminating with Colt Tenderfoots employing Steel Chairs in Legendary Rings. However, this did not occur. Instead, each Scotty produces additional Scotties. Given his prodigious gold output, cheap crafting cost, and high profits rate when stacked, there is a glut of Scottys in the market, resulting in a surplus of Gold and BRWL.

As a result, gold prices have fallen significantly as the number of Scottys for sale has grown because of players creating additional Scottys rather than moving to higher-level brawlers as planned. As a result, the team has reduced the number of gold drops across the board for each Brawler by 1%.

The team will be maintaining the same gold drop rates for Brass Knuckles, Baseball Bats, and Steel Chairs. Additionally, WAX io will increase the gold drop rate for Trash Cans and Sledge Hammers while decreasing the cost of crafting them. The team has done it to address in-game performance versus expense. It’s time to boost the performance of these mid-tier gaming gears. Finally, they have made revisions to all recipes (shown below). These changes focus on lowering the overall level of gold for sale and maintaining supply and demand in balance.

Changes are listed below:

  • The gold drop rate of Scotty decreased from 7% to 6%
  • The gold drop rate of Barry decreased from 6% to 5%
  • The gold drop rate of Johnny decreased from 5% to 4%
  • The gold drop rate of Colt decreased from 3% to 2%
  • The gold drop rate of Legendary/Ric Flair decreased from 4% to 3%

“Scotty farms” adjustment. (Problem #2)

The original objective of WAX io with Scotty was for him to be a decent beginning Brawler for early players, filling the function of gold producer until players progressed to higher level Brawlers to create more BRWL. Scotty was designed for players who did not win an auction but still wanted to join the Blockchain BrawlersTM to begin their quest toward a BRWL-optimized lineup.

Theoretically, this might still be the use case. However, WAX io needed to limit his overall productivity and make the “Scotty farms” less appealing. The source of the problem was that he was too powerful to be ignored and too simple to get at his current purchase/crafting price.

As a result, the team raised the recipe from 4000 BRWL / 6 Gold to 5,000 BRWL / 13 Gold. The team made the utmost decrease, reducing his default gross income from 70 gross BRWL per match to 61 gross BRWL.

Furthermore, they have altered every Brawler crafting recipe and their BRWL output figures to encourage people to play the game as intended, with players aiming to move to higher-level Brawlers. The cost of constructing Barry increased since his performance compared to the Scotty modifications was too good, and his in-game performance and cost are now firmly linked with all other Brawlers.

Changes to the Brawler Recipe (BRWL/Gold)

  • Crafting Scotty originally cost 4000/6 and now costs 5,000/13.
  • Crafting Barry originally cost 13,200/12 and now costs 18,250/22.
  • Crafting Johnny originally cost 27,500/24 and now costs 23,150/30.
  • Crafting Colt originally cost 46,400/36 and now costs 32,500/35.

BRWL output values (excluding gear)

  • The base gross of Scotty was 70 BRWL and is currently 61 BRWL.
  • The base gross of Barry remains unchanged.
  • The base gross of Johnny was 130 BRWL, and it is now 132 BRWL.
  • The base gross of Colt has increased from 165 BRWL to 170 BRWL.
  • The base gross of Ric Flair / Legendaries has grown from 201 BRWLto 206 BRWL.

Blockchain Brawlers™ upcoming patch (Part 2)

This patch will go live on April 9 at 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST. The below update will not be available until 4 p.m. EST on April 9 because the changes below may harm players if they have a Ring or Gear NFT in their wallet that has yet to be activated.

It is critical for players that have any gear or rings in their wallet/on sale to activate them in their in-game inventory so that they do not lose the gold they paid to obtain this item.

WAX io will reduce the utilization of gears and rings in-game and the cost of crafting. In-game performance is generally unchanged. However, if a player has a Legendary Ring with +2800 uses that is not activated, once the update goes live, that same asset’s uses will dramatically decrease to 600. The same holds for equipment. The team recommends users enable all gear and rings, or else the number of utilization per item will reduce regardless of how much they paid. Players have until 4 p.m. ET to activate their current NFTs if they so want.

Adjustment to the frequency of crafting (Problem #3)

The team did not enjoy the peaks and troughs of making lasting items in Blockchain Brawlers™, so they drastically decreased its uses. However, they also diminished the cost of production. 

Because of this intention, players should expect the Ring and Gear depreciation to be identical. WAX io maintained the Common Ring practically the same, but the Rare and Legendary Rings received a change in the amount of gold required for every usage, also a modest decrease in depreciation. Further, the team also reduced Gear usage by half. For the most part, the BRWL and Gold costs were also cut in half, with a few modifications here and there to help them achieve their objective of developing a self-sustaining economy. Lastly, the team expects it to lessen the entrance hurdle for gamers.

(BRWL/Gold) Rings

  • Common Ring uses have decreased from 350 to 75 matches.
  • Common Ring crafting has decreased from 3200/5 to 675/2.
  • Rare Ring uses have decreased from 1400 to 300 matches.
  • Rare Ring crafting has decreased from 12000/12 to 2,650/8.
  • Legendary Ring uses have decreased from 2,800 to 600 matches.
  • Legendary Ring crafting has decreased from 20,000/20 to 5,150/16.

Gear (BRWL/Gold)

  • Uses of Brass Knuckles have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Brass Knuckle has decreased from 4000/5 to 1,800/3.
  • Uses of the Trash Can have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Trash Can has decreased from 7,500/7 to 2,500/3.
  • Uses of the Sledgehammer have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Sledgehammer has decreased from 10,000/10 to 4,200/5.
  •  Uses of the Baseball Bats have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Baseball Bat has decreased from 14,000/14 to 7,000/7.
  •  Uses of Steel Chair have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of making a steel chair has decreased from 18,000/18 to 8,900/10

 Swag Kits (BRWL/Gold)

  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto a Common Brawler decreased from 2,000/3 to 2,500/3.
  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto an Uncommon Brawler decreased from 6,600/6 to 9,125/5.
  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto a Rare Brawler decreased from 13,750/12 to 11,575/7.
  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto an Epic Brawler decreased from 23,200/18 to 16,250/9.

Finally, WAX io stated that they eagerly await comments from gamers. They have constantly indicated that some of their decisions will be pleasing for the gamers, while others will not. However, the team claimed that all they do is secure the life of their product and the community’s long-term benefit.