VulcanVerse: An Astonishing Island of Endless Possibilities

The blockchain game studio Vulcan Forged has finally released its most-awaited Land Staking Program where users may create anything, The VulcanVerse. Vulcan Forged described it as an island with 9918 plots of land divided into four halves, each owned by a player. Additionally, players can create an astonishing virtual metaverse environment while leveling up by using the development tools given by the developers. Terraforming the land both up and down, building trees, watercourses, monuments, and structures are all possible in the program.

Land Staking

Landowners in the VulcanVerse will be able to stake $PYR tokens on their plots to obtain $PYR straight from the 10 million $PYR prize pool. The reward scheme of the program is unswerving. The pool distributes 10 million $PYR over 1460 payment periods. More importantly, the land level determines the benefits for the user.

If owners wish to maximize their prizes, Vulcan Forged advises them to increase the land level as soon as feasible. Owners may Stake $PYR inside the land to raise the land level. They may do it on the dashboard for their Vulcan Forged account, My Forge.

A land plot is a one-of-a-kind NFT containing land coordinates. When you buy this NFT, you control a little piece of digital real estate in the VulcanVerse. If you wish to earn some $PYR, you can rent out this plot, but it can also be a staking vehicle. The staking pool comprises ten million $PYR that the team will distribute to land staking participants for four years.

Upgrading VulcanVerse Land-Plot

For starters, Level 1 is the starting land plot, and no $PYR may be staked on it by owners. It must be at least level 2 to begin $PYR staking and gaining rewards. To reach plot level 2, you must first obtain avatar level 2 (your account level). To advance your avatar level to level 2, you must gain 10,000 experience points (XP). Owners may obtain The necessary XP by playing games across the Vulcan Forged environment.

When owners have accumulated the necessary 10,000 XP, they can upgrade their plot(s) through sowing. It will take 20 days to complete the sowing operation.

A land plot at level 2 costs a one-time charge of 50 $PYR to sow. It is a charge that will improve the sowing level for this plot. When the sowing procedure is complete, your land is ready for $PYR staking. It costs 50 $PYR and 50 $LAVA to upgrade your land plot to level 2. The 50 $LAVA is a charge, but the 50 $PYR is locked and may be withdrawn at any moment by owners.

The quantity of $PYR required to sow your land plot is the same as the amount of $LAVA and $PYR necessary to stake it. Level 3 lands, for example, cost 100 $PYR to seed and 100 $LAVA to stake. The amount

The amount of required $PYR to sow every land plot level is as follows:

  • Level 1 – 0 $PYR
  • Level 2 – 50 $PYR
  • Level 3 – 100 $PYR
  • Level 4 – 200 $PYR
  • Level 5 – 300 $PYR
  • Level 6 – 400 $PYR
  • Level 7 – 600 $PYR

Important Rules in VulcanVerse

Vulcan Forged has a few crucial details for the landowners.

  1. If you are staking several plots, wait till the first plot is complete before the next one.
  2. Vulcan Forged does not advise owners to withdraw PYR from registered plots or live on the Cedalion program. (Because it would lower your land level)
  3. $LAVA will return to owners once every hour. Wait a moment and double-check this before sending a support ticket.
  4. If you have already staked 100 LAVA within the plot, only 50 $LAVA will return to you. (Because of the 50 $LAVA charge)
  5. If you have not already staked 100 $LAVA, you must pay the standard 50 $LAVA charge.
  6. Don’t stake a new plot if you see the ‘in process’ button.
  7. Plots at land level 2 and staked for 50 PYR should indicate “maximum reached.”