Town Crush initiates Project GYRI for Gala Games!

Thrilled for the inauguration of the first phase of Project GYRI, Gala Games has announced the Alpha release of Town Crush on April 6. It is a brand-new Match 3 game designed by Town Star Art Director Warren Marshall and a few Gala Games team rock stars. The open testing of the game is said to be the initiative for their Project GYRI, the temporarily chosen placeholder name that the developers will use during the early testing days of the blockchain.

The developers stated that the game is developed on the Gala chain and will illustrate many of the many blockchain activities that the whole Ecosystem will utilize in the future. Eventually, the testing and processing will lead to the most-awaited final migration of the blockchain of Gala Games.

Start playing Town Crush!

Starting to play Town Crush is a simple process. If you already have an account with Gala Games, you are ready to begin. However, if you are yet to be registered, you can go to the Gala. Games and click register at the top right corner. If you are through with the registration, head back to the Gala. Games, locate Town Crush, click PLAY, and begin playing on your browser.

Collect as many points as you can to propel the Farmer further. As players complete levels, they will earn Stars. Starters can use these collected stars to buy extra lives or Eggsecutioner Chicken Bombs for a headstart. As for your lives, you need not worry about running out of it as you will gain free lives so you can play the game whether you win or not.

To play the match 3 game, touch and drag to swap one sign with another nearby symbol. It will not let you make the transition until the colors match. More significantly, employing combinations and chain responses will provide you with a significant edge. Lastly, the game does not suggest players rush as there is no timer. However, players only have a limited number of movements to get the needed points for the level.

Town Crush’s temporary token

A new temporary token named TEST is a vital piece of this test. It resides on the Project GYRI blockchain, presently known as GalaChain on the Gala Games platform. TEST, although being an actual token on the GalaChain, is not transferrable and has no monetary value, as the development team stated.

When players initially begin the game, the game will invite them to set a spending limit for their TEST tokens. This process allows in-game purchases using TEST tokens, which the team may implement in a later phase of Project GYRI. This allowance notion is simply another sample of the features the players can anticipate seeing in the blockchain the creators are developing.

Purpose of testing Town Crush

Despite being an incredible game, Gala Games asserted that Town Crush is yet to be a “fully polished, ready to release Gala Game.” The game was planned and constructed purely as a test, and while the designers did outstanding work, players should not regard it as a fully developed or finished game.

As a result, Gala Games anticipates that players will be on the lookout for even the frivolous bugs in the game. The team declared to allocate rewards for those who can locate these bugs. Lastly, the development team appreciates all feedback substantially on their official Discord server.

Furthermore, Gala Games intends to include as many players as possible in their initial playtest in the hopes of learning the breaking points rather than just powering through the pressure. The team expects that diminutive execution errors are inevitable. In many cases, these are valuable to the team since they allow them to learn something that might avert something worse from happening in the future.

Finally, the team will continue the testing procedure in the following weeks. In the meantime, you may play this spectacularly magical game here. Gala Games will enlighten players about the many functions and features they will soon enjoy throughout the Gala Ecosystem.