Sorare prepares for a new exciting season!

Sorare gears up for a new spectacular season as they announce the upcoming card updates for the 2022/2023 season. The announcement contained an exciting sequence of updates on newly introduced cards and new card designs, among other things. Sorare’s COO, Ryan Spoon, emphasized that the cards will be easily recognizable for this season while remaining true to the look of the accustomed design of the players.

Spoon stated that gamers would notice recognizable characteristics such as the season year, serial number, scarcity, and team logo. In addition, the development team included more information, such as club and country acronyms. Further, the player takes center stage inside a new shield that allows for the addition of backdrops. Lastly, the font is powerful, crisp, and readable, and there’s a stenciled version of the player’s name towards the bottom of the card, making each card background unique to that individual.

Additionally, the announcement mentioned that they would reveal and release the Special Edition and Legends cards in the game throughout the season. It also includes some changes to the gameplay. You may still trade, play, and utilize the cards of previous seasons, but they will lose their current season bonus in contests. More importantly, new cards will have an additional +5% bonus. Finally, the new cards will be released this month with the addition of new J-League, K-League, and MLS players.

The announcement also includes Rookie cards. According to the team, Rookies will have the same basic card design and variations as the rest of the cards. However, they will receive some additional touches. The touches include enhanced holographic card edges, carbon fiber texture, and a bright new rookie badge. The team believes that these features work together to create a fun, unique card that stands out from the crowd.

Scarcity of Cards in Sorare

The game will have five new background variations for Limited, Rare, and Super Rare cards. The cards do not change when it comes to scoring or behavior, but this offers diversity, preference, and collectability. However, the development team will not apply these variations to Common or Unique cards. As a result, most of the information presented on the cards will remain the same as in past seasons.
Cards are color-coded according to their scarcity level. The following order shows the assigned colors of each card.

  • Common – Silver
  • Limited – Gold
  • Rare – Red
  • Super Rare – Blue
  • Unique – Black

Each player card has a modified part at each scarcity level. These include emphasized slight design alterations in the shield backgrounds. The performance of the cards will not be affected by the mentioned alterations. Additionally, the same goes for the shape and form of the cards. As a result, you won’t need to make any significant adjustments to your Sorare strategy.

In conclusion, a redesign of the Sorare gaming lobby will complement the cards. A fresh, efficient, and clean design will make it easier for consumers to traverse the game. All provided relevant news topics will be significant to the user and their teams. Sorting will be possible using filters for security. It goes the same for the format, eligibility, and rewards. This update is still in the works, but Sorare guarantees that it will be available shortly.