Pegaxy has now implemented Stats system in Racing and Breeding

One of the popular and most talked about NFT game today Pegaxy has finally introduced it’s biggest update yet. The genetics update brought by the developer team of Pegaxy, comes with a new breeding event that may change the whole tide of balance for the game. This update is about changing the gameplay of Pegaxy by taking into consideration the stats of Pegas instead of RNG (Random Number Generator). This is a huge improvement for the game as it will impose a more competitive atmosphere for players to breed more faster Pegas for them to use them in a race. Up until now, races/matches in Pegaxy relied on factors that are randomly generated, and a player will most likely win because of luck.

With this new update, genetics and statistics of each Pega will be more important than ever making players focus on them more rather than being lucky to win. This is why people in the community of Pegaxy calls this update “Stats matter more now”. This will have a really big impact in both the market and playerbase of Pegaxy since breeding of Pegas relies on the NFT aspect of the game.

Breeders will spend more and breed efficiently for them to attain a well built Pega with good stats and genetics. And players will also be motivated to play and race with other players online with their Pegas, because it will give them the true satisfaction of winning since it will determine whose Pega is better than the other.

This update is expected to fix one of the many issues of Pegaxy today, which is oversupply of Pegas. The genetics update will introduce a new burning mechanism to decrease the rising supply of Pegas in the market which affects the currency/token of the game Vigorous (VIS). However, despite the high supply for Pegas, Pegaxy will remove the cooldown period to make way for the new breeding event in the game.

It will enable breeders and players to breed/level up more Pegas that will help them win more matches within a day. The breeding event is expected to start on the 3rd of April, wherein players hope to see a rise and comeback of the VIS token in the market. But with that all said Pegaxy is far from being a skill based NFT game like its competitor Axie Infinity. At the moment, the game only focuses on creating Pegas that are tested on different types of stadiums that favors specific types of Pegas that are compatible in a stadium.

It is said however, that in the future Pegaxy will be introducing foods and gears that can be used on Pegas. We do not have any official information about it yet, but people speculate it to be a type of upgrades that can be used to enhance and improve the stats of a Pega. This will also might be able to be a type of burning mechanism to reduce the surplus of the token in the market. With this new update coming into the game, players and breeders in the community can expect a brighter future for the game that they have all been waiting for ever since it’s release.

What to Expect In Axie Infinity: Origin

Axie Infinity, is one of if not the most popular play to earn games out there today has recently been developing a whole new version for it’s players to experience, named Axie Infinity: Origin. Although the release date has been teased and moved countless of times before the fact has still remained that the new update will change the whole market. The developer of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis along with it’s founder Jihoz has made a lot of major improvements and changes to the game that will surely excite the players. Based on the posters, posts, and announcements they made the new version contains new cards, new visuals, new effects, and a Free-to-play experience for those who wants to try the game for free!

The game is said to give players three free starter axies that they can use but only in the new mode which is “Story mode. We can expect that the update will be quite big and take a bit of memory for players to be able to install it on their devices. Although it might not be one big update on it’s launch, but it might be multiple updates that will drop one by one in the future.

In the process of balancing and fixing the game before it’s launch (along with the volume of slp in the market) Sky mavis aims to change their way of improving the game. As mentioned before, players will be able to receive three starter axies named Olek, Buba, and Puffy that they will be able to use to experience the game. The whole gameplay itself will be a different experience since Sky mavis wants to make the game more fast paced and interacted while playing a match. They made changes like players being able to interact with the cards that the opponents will use in their turns.

This means that instead of waiting for the other player to finish their turn, players will be able to counter the opponent’s card immediately while they are still making their move. Additionally, it is also said that they made changes to the mechanics of using your energy for card management. This is to ensure players to use their energy at each round instead of saving them for the next one.

This new version of the game will not only affect the gameplay experience of players, but also they way they will be able to earn money with it. SLP (Smooth love potion) is the main currency of this game, wherein it is used to either exchange it for money, for breeding, or trade it to buy axies in the marketplace. As of the current version of the game, players are able to earn SLP by winning a match with other players in the game. Sky mavis removed the daily rewards and SLP earnings through playing adventure mode to reduce the volume of SLP within the market. However, it was still not enough for the price of SLP to rise once more in the market.

Traders, investors, and players from the community predicts that this update will finally pave a way for SLP to pump to the moon. It’s obvious why the community predicts this for the sole reason of the new update bringing in new possibilities for the game. This is why Axie infinity has continued to live on ever since it’s first release years ago. The developers always think of new ideas and ways for the game to be enjoyable for people while still being a play-to-earn game. This is why axie infinity is known as the number NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game in the market today!

Axie Infinity: Origin finally launches it’s trailer and to be released on April 7!

After months of teasing, leaks, and rumors that had been going around in the community about the new version of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis has finally released the launch date and the official gameplay trailer of the game. The trailer is truly promising and is bombarded with loads of information given to all the players waiting for the game. The new version is really like an entirely different version from the original.

It has new visuals, new designs, new game mode, and a much better experience with the game. We can see in the trailer that the whole user interface of the game has also changed as well, there is also a way to connect with friends online within the game! There will also be a new feature which are card upgrades that can be utilized to make your team stronger and climb the leaderboard. The trailer also presented a new mode where players gets to diverse in the world of Lunacian and a discover the amazing world of Axie Infinity.

Art styles, animations and game designs were not the only one changed in the new upcoming version of Axie Infinity, move sets, game mechanics are changed as well as adding a new system to the game. The developer team of Axie Infinity, Sky mavis added new features such as runes/charms, the new Rage mechanic, and more. We do not have an idea to which what these features are, and what they do in the game. Although they announced that on April 2, 2022, 10 am EST they will be having a stream on their official twitch account showcasing full gameplay of the alpha version of Origin. This will be a great opportunity for players to have an early look of what the game will be instead of waiting a few more days for it to come out. Other than that, we can expect that although the game will launch in a matter of days, it still a soft launch. This means that the game will only be available to a limited amount of people.

This new update will surely be the biggest update the community has seen in Axie Infinity. It will change the whole course of what we know about the game so far and make it into something that we can all enjoy together while earning at the same time. We can also expect the game to be more competitive than ever with the whole new leaderboard and ranking system as seen from the trailer and announcements from Sky Mavis.

This version of Axie Infinity might also be able to make a way for it to enter the mainstream of gaming, wherein it can be an official Esports game that many people will pay attention to just like League of Legends, Pokemon, Smash brothers and more. It truly shows what the founder of Sky Mavis “Jihoz” envisioned Axie Infinity to be. A game that will be more than a play to earn game. Based on everything we know so far we can assume that after the new update, Axie Infinity will be more than an NFT game. It is approaching to be something that will be enjoyed by gamers and traders from crypto alike.

Thetan Arena: a in-depth review about this Moba game

NFT gaming is one of the latest sensations in the rapidly-evolving crypto world. These games have completely changed how people approach gaming. They’ve introduced an intriguing play-to-earn model allowing players to make money while playing games. The games utilize blockchain technology to reward players with unique in-game rewards and NFTs that can be traded in decentralized exchanges.

However, most of the NFT games available on the market today are trading or card games. Theta Arena is here to change all that. Theta Arena introduces a thrilling battle arena gameplay in an attempt to attract more people to the project.

But is it a good investment? What tokens does it use, and how exactly can you play and earn from it? Today’s article will answer these and more questions related to Theta Arena. Let’s start digging.

What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game otherwise known as a MOBA game. The game was released back in November 2021. It incorporates blockchain technology running on Binance Smart Chain. This tech allows players to take full ownership of in-game assets like the characters, skins, etc. These items are NFTs, so they are unique and can be traded.

Players can also earn different rewards by participating in various in-game activities. The rewards can then be traded for tokens with real-world value. The game is available on android, iOS, and PC.

Thetan Arena was produced by the famous WolFun Game Studio. The game studio was already pretty popular before the release of Thetan Arena. They had produced another incredibly popular MOBA game called Heroes Strike. Their initial success with this game was very resourceful in helping Thetan Arena get on its feet.

In fact, most of the people who were already playing Heroes Strike moved to Thetan Arena soon after its launch. This, combined with the project’s impressive partnerships and game mechanics, saw Thetan Arena hit a record 6-million active players within two weeks of its launch!

The Thetan Arena project has a team of eleven members. Most of these guys have vast experience in blockchain gaming and the technology at large. For example, Tri Pham, the project’s blockchain advisor, is also the CEO and co-founder of My DeFi Pet and KardiaChain. The CMO, Dung Phan, is the former Tiki BD and Facebook Partner Manager.

Most blockchain games usually see continuous development after their initial release. That’s why it’s critical to analyze an NFT’s game roadmap before investing your money. Not only that, but you should also check whether the project is achieving the goals as laid out.

Thetan Arena has a pretty impressive roadmap. The developers have already achieved some of the goals laid out during the game’s initial release. They also intend to introduce some exciting features throughout 2022.

For example, staking of tokens, guild quests, and pets systems will be released in the second quarter of 2022. Streaming, guild wars, battle passes, co-op modes, tournaments, and offline events are also in the works.

To achieve these targets, WolFun Game Studio and the Thetan Arena developers have collaborated with strategic investors and partners. These include Formless Capital, AU21 Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Animoca Brands, Kyros Ventures, and Clovers Ventures to name a few.

How does Thetan Arena work?

Thetan Arena has several game modes with different objectives. Some modes require you to outlast your opponents on the battlefield or complete the game with the highest points. Others pit you against real opponents forcing you to defend or destroy a tower. Battle participants get rewards that vary depending on the battle results and the rarity of heroes & skins used.

Here is a quick overview of each game mode:

  • Battle Royale (Solo/Duo) – Thetan Arena battle royale functions like most battle royale games. You’ll be placed in a shrinking map with your duo and forced to battle against 20 other duos (21 duos in total to make 42 players). The solo mode has only twelve players and runs for four minutes. The goal is to outlast every other duo in the game. Think warzone, Apex Legends, etc.
  • Death Match – The deathmatch game mode lets you form a team of four players. Your team will then face off against another team. The winner is the team with the highest kills when the timer (three minutes) runs out.
  • Super Star – If you like a fast-paced game mode, you will probably enjoy playing Super Start. This mode requires players to form a team of four and battle against another team while collecting superstars. You also need to defend your fellow teammates during the game. The mode lasts four minutes.
  • Tower Destroy – The objective of Tower Destroy game mode is exactly what it sounds like. Get into the map and destroy your opponent’s tower or “nexus,” as it’s called in the game. It’s just like traditional MOBA games. This game mode runs for five minutes.
  • Custom Battle – This mode lets you invite your friends for a custom battle of your choice. You can pick any map and game mode for custom battles.

In addition to the five game modes, Thetan Arena also hosts various special events. These provide more earning potential to the players. They include:

  • Campaign (PvE) – Players are allowed to join forces to conquer a battlefield through one or more chapters.
  • Collection (PvE) (PvP) – Players join battles and complete different quests to collect Event Coins. You can hold on to these coins or trade them in the Event Shop for valuable rewards.
  • Leaderboard Competition – Leaderboard competitions allow top-ranking players to rise higher up the ranks while receiving different rewards.
  • War (PvP) – War events feature many players divided into two factions and forced to fight each other. Each faction also gets AI bosses and creeps for additional assistance.

Players require in-game characters called Heroes to play these game modes. Every player receives a free Hero called Raidon upon signing up. As you can expect, you only get a level one Hero, so they are not exactly powerful. However, you can level them up by playing different matches.

You should also know that there are three types of Heroes in Thetan Arena. You have Assassin, Marksman, and Tank. The heroes also have different attributes which affect their performance in battles. Their rarity levels also vary, ranging from common and epic to legendary. The rarer your Hero is, the more valuable they are.

Players can also improve their heroes’ attributes by equipping them with skins. Some skins can be won or earned from battles, while others can be bought from the Thetan Arena marketplace. You can also equip your Hero, level them up through duels and skins then sell them on the marketplace for a profit.

One unique feature of Thetan Arena is it has a free-to-play option. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get the hang of the game without putting their money into it. But that’s not all. Unlike other NFT games, whose free-to-play modes have no earning ability, Thetan Arena allows you to make money without any investment.

As the developers explain, the pay-to-play model is limiting, especially in an e-sport game. They want more people to participate and make the game more engaging. That’s why they’ve eliminated barriers like the initial investment that most other games ask for.

That said, you should know that it’s pretty hard to earn substantial amounts of money without making any investment. Yes, you will receive a free Hero. Your Hero will also level up with the matches, and you can even unlock premium Heroes. However, if you want faster progression and more earning potential, you’ll have to make a financial investment to get the best assets for the battles.

Therefore, unless you have zero capital to invest in this project, we recommend using the free-to-play option just for practicing. Once you learn the game mechanics, you’ll be better off investing in better Heroes and skins. These will drastically improve your progression in the game while earning you more cash.

Speaking of which, let’s discuss Thetan Arena tokenomics. Here are the tokens used in the game:

  • Thetan Gem (THG) – Thetan Gem is the governance token in Thetan Arena. Players can earn THG by participating in the special events discussed above. You can also get THG from the marketplace or by taking part in tournaments when the feature rolls out. THG tokens allow you to vote on governance matters regarding the project. Moreover, you can use it to improve your Thetan heroes and to purchase legendary Thetan Boxes.
  • Thetan Coin (THC)Thetan Coin is the in-game currency and can be claimed to players’ wallets. The token is earned by playing Thetan Arena battles and completing quests. You will also receive THC as a reward every time you rank up. You can use THC to purchase NFTs from the marketplace since it’s the primary currency. It’s also used to buy common and epic Thetan Boxes.

How to play Thetan Arena?

Getting started with Thetan Arena is pretty straightforward. Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Download The Game

Visit the official Thetan Arena website to download the game. This MOBA game is available on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, you should have no trouble playing it on the go.

Step 2: Link Your MetaMask Wallet

To claim your tokens and purchase assets from the Thetan Arena marketplace, you must link your MetaMask wallet to the game. If you don’t have the wallet, search “MetaMask” on Google and download the browser extension. Install it and follow the instructions to set up and fund your account with BNB.

Then, click “Marketplace” on the Thetan Arena website, and you will see the option to connect your wallet on the next page. Follow the instructions and connect your wallet.

To purchase in-game assets from the Thetan Arena marketplace, you’ll require WBNB. Therefore, go to Pancakeswap to swap your BNB for WBNB. Note that you’ll be charged gas fees for this transaction. Make sure you have enough WBNB to purchase the assets you need. You can check out the prices of Heroes and other assets in the marketplace before making the swap.

Step 3: Claim Your Free Heroes

Once you’re done connecting your wallet, log into the game. The game will prompt you to claim your three Heroes. Click “claim,” and they should start appearing one by one.

Step 4: Purchase a Paid Hero From The Marketplace

As I mentioned earlier, free heroes have many limitations that can reduce your earning potential. Therefore, you have to invest in paid heroes to earn more from this game.

So, head over to the marketplace with your loaded wallet to purchase some heroes. You can browse specific heroes in the marketplace and purchase one you like. Alternatively, you can buy a Thetan Box from which heroes drop.

The marketplace allows you to sort through the different rarity classes from the left side of the dashboard. You can also choose skin rarity, hero class, level, remaining GTHC battles %, and trophy class. If your biggest worry is the price tag, scroll to the bottom and sort by price range.

Here are a few things you need to know about Thetan Arena heroes when:

  • Assassin – These heroes have low health points, high attack damage, and high speed. They are ideal for launching quick and silent attacks before retreating.
  • Marksman – Marksman heroes have regular health points, high attack damage, and normal speed. These are great for damaging opponents from a distance.
  • Tank – Tank heroes have high health points, normal attack damage, and slow speed. These form the frontline, shielding the rest of the team from the opponent’s attacks.

Consider these attributes when selecting your heroes and forming your team. Also, every hero can earn THC for a specific number of battles. This number is usually represented as “gTHC” in the marketplace. Ensure the hero you’re buying has enough gTHC left; otherwise, your investment won’t yield a meaningful return.

Step 5: Pick A Game Mode

With your team ready, you can now choose the game you want and start fighting against other players. The game will ask you to choose two additional skills on top of the Fury skill. You can choose the two skills from:

  • Effect skills – They inflict status effects on opponents or allies.
  • Damage skills – These optimize the damage dealt by your heroes.
  • Support skills – These skills help support your heroes.

Choose effects that align with your style or strategy for every battle.

How much money can you make with Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena provides several opportunities to make money. The first more obvious option is to participate in the different in-game activities. From the battles to quests and special events, every activity earns players some reward. You can get the THG or THC tokens for your trouble. You can then utilize these tokens to improve your Heroes and your earning potential. Alternatively, you can claim your THC tokens to your wallet.

The other option is a bit more passive. Thetan has a Hero rental system that allows players to rent their Heroes to other people. This earns you passive income without losing the ownership of your Heroes.

You can rent your heroes from the marketplace. Similarly, you can rent other people’s heroes if yours aren’t powerful enough to win battles or earn you more money.

Forget renting; you can also put up your heroes for sale in the marketplace. If you think you have what it takes in the battleground, take a hero, equip them with skins, then level them up on the battlefield. The hero’s attributes will increase, allowing you to flip them for a profit in the marketplace.

Thetan Arena developers are also working on a staking feature. This will allow players to take their tokens for opportunities to earn rewards passively.

In Closing

Thetan Arena is an exciting NFT project. For starters, it takes a very different yet familiar path compared to other NFT games. Unlike other projects focusing on trading and card games, this one takes a unique approach. It offers a multiplayer gaming experience that more people are familiar with. In addition to attracting more investors, this approach also makes the gameplay itself very interesting.

The project also has a well-laid-out roadmap, reputable partners, and a pretty decent team backing its development. The best part yet, is you don’t have to invest to play and earn from Thetan Arena. The free-to-play model doesn’t just let you take the game for a ride. It also allows you to unlock premium heroes. It’s hectic leveling up with this mode, but how many other NFT games offer this kind of a free-to-play mode?

Pegaxy Reviewed: a deep dive into this NFT horseracing game

Blockchain gaming is not that new a concept in the crypto world anymore—well, at least not to people who stay updated with what’s happening in the crypto space. Different game studios have invested a great deal of resources in developing different games. These games utilize blockchain technology to support the play-to-earn model that allows players to claim ownership of in-game assets. However, the gameplay itself is different as you move from one game to the next.

You have card-related games that allow players to collect, trade, and even battle their cards against opponents. You also have the likes of Axie Infinity, where creatures (the Axies) fight against other creatures. Meanwhile, an NFT game like CyBall has a football theme allowing players to pick a starting lineup together with substitutes before playing against an opponent’s team.

The common theme is that most NFT games use already familiar gameplays and build their games on blockchain technology. Pegaxy is not any different. But it’s not about creatures, cards, or any of that. This game is based on horse racing, but it uses futuristic mythological horses called Pegas. Pretty interesting, right?

So, in this article, you will learn how Pegaxy works, the game’s tokenomics, how you can start playing it, and how you can make money from it. Let’s start at the beginning.

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a simulated horse racing play-to-earn game. The game launched on the polygon network. The game’s objective is pretty simple; players have to choose a horse (these are called Pegas in the game) and race against 11 other players. Players whose horses finish in the top three get rewarded with VIS, one of the game’s tokens.

That’s the general idea of how Pegaxy works. However, as you will learn in the next section, finishing in the top three is not as easy as it may sound. First, not all horses are equal. Every horse belongs to a certain bloodline which directly affects its attributes and performance.

Moreover, every race takes place under different conditions. Therefore, a particular horse may perform exceptionally well in one race, but the horse may struggle a lot when the conditions change in the next track.

Also, there are limitations to how many races a single horse can participate in within 24 hours. Still, individuals who are willing to invest in the game will find that Pegaxy has the potential to be a decent investment.

The Pegaxy project was founded in early 2021 by three guys; Ken Pham (CEO), Steve Nguyen (CTO), and Corey Wilton (CMO). However, since its initial release, the Pegaxy team has grown exponentially to a team of over 50 members. That means Pegaxy has one of the largest teams of any NFT gaming project.

The project has staff members from all over the world. They’ve also acquired talents for all critical departments to help the project move forward. You have game designers and engineers to ensure the game looks stunning and runs smoothly. Blockchain developers to support the game’s play-to-earn model. Customer support staff, product owners, and HR managers are also present.

Pegaxy also has a promising roadmap showing what’s to come. For instance, they want to host the first stadium sale event in Q2 of 2022. They also want to add a staking feature, lootbox, 3D gameplay for mobile devices, etc. Some features are even scheduled for Q4 of 2023. It would be interesting to see how the project progresses in the future.

The roadmap also shows some of the milestones the team has already achieved. For example, they managed to roll out renting and breeding features in 2021. Hopefully, they’ll follow their timeline in releasing the other scheduled features.

How does Pegaxy work?

Pegaxy has a simulation or hands-off gaming experience. Make no mistake. There is a lot you have to do before the game starts. But once that race kicks off, that’s it. You’ll just wait for the result.

So, before the race starts, you’ll need to get your horse or Pega ready. Unfortunately, players don’t get a free Pega, meaning you have to invest financially to acquire a Pega and participate in the game.

On the brighter side, you don’t have to buy a Pega if you can’t afford one. You can rent a Pega and use them for weeks. These can be rented directly from the marketplace or through guilds. Renting is cheaper but buying a Pega is always a good idea.

Before choosing a Pega, you need to understand the different horse attributes. First of all, every horse belongs to one of the following bloodlines:

  • Hoz – Hoz is one of the founding Pegas. It’s also the rarest of all founding pegasus. Hoz Pega are elite and married to the lighting. They are mighty on the track. Therefore, you can make quite a lot with a Hoz pega on the track. But remember, bloodline is not the only thing that affects a horse’s performance on the track. Other attributes come into play as well. So you still have to find the right horse for the unique conditions of the race.
  • Campona – Campona Pega are bonded with fire. They are fast and resistant. These horses can persevere in fiery conditions on the track.
  • Klin – The Klin bloodline is known as the master of water. They thrive in wet and rainy weather conditions.
  • Zan – Zan bloodline Pega are designed for windy conditions. Drop this horse bloodline on any track with strong winds, and their performance will only get better.

In terms of rarity, Hoz is the rarest, followed by Campona, Klin, and then Zan.

The Pegasus have two rare traits:

  • Founding Pega – Founding Pega were created by the Pegaxy developers when the game launched. Only 5,000 of these horses exist. That means owning a founding Pega is a huge deal because they’re extremely rare, hence highly valuable.
  • Crowned Pega – Crowned Pega are the rarest Pega in the Pegaxy metaverse. These pega are considered gods. Crowned Pega are formed when players burn five Fabled Tokens to evolve an ordinary Pega. If you don’t know, Fabled Tokens were given to initial investors through a referral program. Players got one Fabled token for every friend they invited to the game. According to Pegaxy developers, only 722 Fabled tokens exist in the economy. Therefore, there is still a chance that you can evolve your horse into a Crowned Pega. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to do so even if you got all five Fabled tokens.

Besides the rare traits above, Pega also comes with three other traits; speed, fire, and strength. These attributes will also influence the track performance of your Pega. Thankfully, you can boost the attributes by equipping your Pega with gear.

Gears are considered as NFTs and are available in the marketplace. You can also sell your gear. There are four types of gear; headwear, knee wear, chest wear, and backside wear. Each gear improves a specific attribute of the Pega. Moreover, it can hurt another attribute. For example, chest wear may add strength and reduce fire or speed.

Gear is not the only thing that can boost your Pega’s performance. There is also food! The Pegaxy multiverse also offers two types of rare Pega food; sacred nectar and joy of sunshine. Sacred nectar reduces the maturity time of a newly born pega. This food can have your Pega ready to race in three days instead of the standard four days.

On the other hand, Joy of sunshine is used to change a Pega’s color permanently. You won’t be able to change the color back once it happens. This food is used only once.

The last factor that affects a Pega’s performance is the track. Every track in the Pegaxy metaverse has a dominant trait. It could be strength, wind, water, speed, lightning, etc. As you can expect, using a Pega whose bloodline matches the track’s trait gives you an advantage.

Unfortunately, Pegaxy doesn’t have much to offer in terms of game modes. They have daily races that players can participate in within the limits of their Pega. Remember, one Pega can only race 25 times within 24 hours.

Note that it doesn’t cost anything to enter the daily races. You just need a Pega, and you’ll receive rewards if you finish in the top three.

Besides the daily racing quests, you have the Grand Dash Tournament. This event has monthly qualification rounds that lead up to the grand final held in December. Pegaxy plans to hold this tournament every year.

Players receive a small reward for qualifying in the monthly qualification rounds. Then, the top three grand final winners get a larger reward.

The Pegaxy economy has two tokens. Well, technically, they are three if you count Fabled Tokens. However, those tokens are pretty limited and will most likely disappear from the economy since they get permanently burnt every time a player tries to create a crowned pega. That leaves the two tokens below:

  • Pegaxy Stones (PGX)PGX is an ERC-20 token. It is Pegaxy’s governance token. PGX’s total supply is 1B allocated to different entities within the ecosystem. PGX token holders will have voting rights to the project’s development. These tokens can be earned by participating in activities like the grand dash tournament. In the future, players will earn PGX as rewards for staking their tokens. The staking feature will become available once the community treasury is introduced. As for use cases, PGX will be used as a breeding fee for purchasing Pega in the marketplace and staking.
  • Vigorous (VIS) – VIS is the primary in-game currency. You can earn this token as a reward and use it to purchase different items in the marketplace. VIS tokens are earned when you finish in the top three. The same token is also used as a fee when breeding a Pega.

Let’s get to the exciting part now —getting started to play the game.

How to play Pegaxy?

Getting started with Pegaxy is very simple. First, you need to connect a Polygon wallet to the game. You can connect a MetaMask wallet or a Coinbase wallet. That will also allow you to log into the game.

Also, note that the developers are yet to release the mobile application of the game. Therefore, you can only play it from the website. Just visit the official Pegaxy website and click “Play Now” from the menu at the top. This will take you to a new window where you can connect your wallet, browse the marketplace, and explore the various activities, i.e., racing, breeding, and renting.

After connecting your wallet, go ahead and purchase your first Pega. You can also rent one instead of buying. Each Pega has attributes attached to its profile so you can see its bloodline, gender, and breed. Choose a Pega that aligns with your playing style or objectives of playing the game.

After acquiring a Pega, enter a race, and you will immediately get into a lobby. The system will then match you with horses of the same class.

Once the matchmaking is complete and the lobby is full (every lobby requires 12 players), you’ll enter a preparation window. You can assess the track’s attributes and equip your Pega with the necessary gear at this point. You only have 60 seconds to do this.

That’s it. The race will start once the 60 seconds elapse, and it’s hands-off from there. You can now watch your Pega’s progress and hope they finish in the top 3 to receive some VIS tokens.

How much money can you make with Pegaxy?

There is no shortage of money-making opportunities in the Pegaxy metaverse. So whether you’re looking to be an active or passive investor, you will find the right opportunities on Pegaxy.

First, you can make money by simply playing the game. As mentioned earlier, the top three finishers in every race receive VIS tokens. Besides the daily tokens, you can also play the grand dash tournament and stand a chance to earn PGX governance tokens.

The other more passive options are selling and renting your Pega. Pega breeding also comes in here. You can purchase a Pega to improve its attributes then sell or rent it in the marketplace. But keep in mind that breeding attracts both VIS and PGX fees. The whitepaper has a formula showing how much you will pay depending on factors like breed count and breed number.

Since Pega are metal creatures, the game does not restrict you from breeding with parents, siblings, children, etc.

Staking is another feature, but it’s still in the pipeline. Staking on Pegaxy will work just like in other NFT games. Players will be given a chance to stake their tokens and earn PGX as a reward.

But perhaps the most exciting money-making feature yet to come is stadium ownership. Players will be able to purchase stadiums in sales events announced by the developers. If you are lucky enough to purchase the stadium, you will earn some income from the revenue generated in the Pegaxy economy.

The exact income will vary depending on the races hosted in the stadium. The developers say that stadiums are picked randomly for races, so earning potential should be pretty even for all stadium owners. But this may change as the game grows and becomes more complex.

In Closing

Hopefully, this piece has helped you understand what Pegaxy is all about and whether it’s a project worth investing in. Keep in mind that most features are still to come. Therefore, we’ll be updating this post as the project progresses.

CyBall Review: is this Football NFT game worth it?

NFT gaming is a quickly evolving space. Axie Infinity helped put the spotlight on this new play-to-earn gaming model. Since then, the industry has seen an insane increase in blockchain games. Hundreds of NFT games were released in 2021 alone. Many more are still in development. CyBall is one of the latest NFT games to enter the market.

This review will tell you everything there is to this game. You will learn what the game is all about, the team behind it, its roadmap, how it works, how you can get started, and how to earn from it. Let’s dive right in.

What is CyBall?

CyBall is a futuristic soccer or football-themed NFT game released in late 2021. It also has an element of card games since it allows players to collect and use cards to improve their in-game performance.

To play CyBall, users need to form a team of in-game characters known as CyBlocs. Like other NFT games, not all characters are the same. Players can improve or acquire CyBlocs with better attributes for enhanced performance on the pitch. Better performance translates to higher earnings  —this is a play-to-earn game, after all.

That doesn’t mean you have to grind day and night to make money from CyBall. You can also be a passive investor with this game. For example, you can acquire best-in-class CyBlocs and loan them out to other players. That will earn you income without playing the actual game. And since CyBlocs are NFTs, you can also collect and sell them in the marketplace for a profit.

CyBall runs on the BNB chain. However, the team behind the project is also keen on launching it on Solana. They promise this will happen as soon as a multi-chain gaming environment is made possible.

Speaking of which, who are the developers behind CyBall? CyBall was co-founded by three guys; Aaron Yee, Tin Tran, and Kevin Bui. Long Vuong is also part of the team. He was the co-founding advisor.

It’s always important to analyze the team behind an NFT-based game before investing in the project. Doing this helps you determine the ability of the game to grow. In other words, it can tell you how likely it is for your investment to yield a return.

When looking at an NFT game’s team, you always want to see the team’s experience with blockchain technology and game development. If the team has members with great blockchain experience, then you know they’re likely to steer the project in the right direction. Meanwhile, game development experience can help the team create a fantastic gaming experience. That’s critical because great experiences will attract more players. That, in turn, increases the popularity of the project. This can translate to more ROI.

It’s good to see that CyBall’s team has both blockchain and game development experience. Aaron Yee, for example, has 10+ years of game development experience. In fact, he was once a game designer for Frozen. Besides working for Disney, he also worked for Animoca Brands, a venture capital and game software company based in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Long Vuong brings a wealth of blockchain technology expertise to the team.

How does CyBall Work?

At the risk of oversimplification, the CyBall gameplay involves creating a team of three CyBlocs and choosing your game’s tactics before playing against an opponent’s team. Players also get to choose a tactic card that will be used during key events that take place in every match. Playing these cards will cost stamina points, but they can drastically improve your chances of winning. Therefore, they are usually worth it.

When picking your team, you’ll need to keep in mind that different CyBlocs have different attributes. First, a CyBloc can belong in one of five classes; bronze, silver, gold, platinum, or legendary. The class also represents CyBloc’s rarity, with the bronze class being the most common and legendary being the rarest.

Besides classes, every CyBloc comes with several traits. A single CyBloc can have anything between one and three traits. These traits also vary in rarity from common and rare to super rare. There are 50 traits listed in the CyBall whitepaper so far.

Where do CyBlocs get their traits from? A trait can be inherited from CyBloc’s mentor. Naturally gained or inherited traits are usually common and have less value. Also, CyBlocs with fewer traits are less valuable. On the other hand, super rare traits make a CyBloc more valuable. More traits increase CyBloc’s value even further.

Besides influencing a CyBloc’s value, traits also impact how the CyBloc performs in matches and how many rewards they can earn.

Every CyBloc has footballing skills. There are six skills: physical, shooting, crossing, dribbling, passing, and tackling. Every CyBloc comes with a base rating for every skill when they are born. This rating varies based on the CyBloc’s class. CyBlocs are also given a single skill point at every level for free. This skill point can be assigned to any of the six skills. However, you can’t assign more than 60 skill points to a single skill.

Cyblocs also move between different levels ranging from 1 to 100. 1 is the base level where all CyClocs start from. To move from one level to the next, you will need to earn 100XP points.

Finally, CyBlocs have a randomly generated nationality. This attribute will become helpful in the future when the Stadium Manager feature is released. For example, the developers claim a team with CyBlocs from the same nationality may get an advantage in matches if they have the correct trait.

After understanding the CyBloc attributes, the next thing you need to know is the different game modes. CyBall has three game modes:

1.    Exhibition

Exhibition is a casual PvP game mode. Players can use it to practice and have fun. Still, it has a basic play-to-earn model, so you will earn some rewards from this mode.

Phase 1 of CyBall features a 3v3 (three CyBlocs per player) Exhibition mode with a 5v5 mode expected in phase 2. The 3v3 mode costs three energy points per match, has six key events, is shorter, and has fewer rewards.

Keep in mind that players receive 60 energy points per day. It costs one energy point for every CyBloc to participate in a match. Therefore, you’ll spend three energy points in a 3v3 Exhibition game mode.

Note that only the teams with a similar average overall rating can play against each other in the Exhibition mode. This is done to add fairness to the matches.

2.    League

The League mode functions just like a regular football league. Players get to choose 7 CyBlocs at the beginning of the season. You won’t be able to change the CyBlocs once the season starts. Of the 7 CyBlocs, five will start matches while two remain on the bench. Players can choose the starting lineup at the start of every match.

When the season ends, teams will be promoted or relegated depending on their results. The League mode will roll out in Phase 2. It will have ten key events and more rewards than the Exhibition mode.

3.    Tournament

The Tournament mode will allow players to participate in tournaments created by different organizers. Once you’re invited to a tournament, you’ll choose your team of seven CyBlocs who will participate in the entire tournament. You can’t change the CyBlocs mid-tournament, but you can always alter the starting lineup of 5 CyBlocs before every match.

Teams will receive various rewards at the end of the tournament based on their results. If your team wins the tournament, all CyBlocs in that team will receive a championship trophy. The best part? This trophy will be attached to your Cybloc’s profile.

The Tournament mode will cost zero energy points to participate in. The mode will also feature the highest rewards. Plus, participating teams can get sponsorships from outside partners.

4.    Training

Training is a PvE game mode where players can level up their CyBlocs. It costs zero energy points to participate in training matches, and it has no play-to-earn model. The only thing you will get here is experience which can help your CyBlocs improve.

There are two options under the training game mode. The 3v3 battle stadium will put your three CyBlocs against three AI-controlled CyBlocs.

The second option is called Hire-a-Coach. This is the perfect mode for you if you have no time to level up your CyBlocs manually. Splash some $CBT (one of the game’s tokens), and the CyBlocs will be put through automatic training sessions.

Let’s now discuss the two CyBall tokens:

  • CyBloc Battery Token (CBT)

CBT is a BEP-20 and ERC-20 token with an unlimited supply. It is the game’s utility token and standard reward.

Players can earn $CBT tokens by competing in PvP game modes. You can also earn from CyLoans, where players loan out their unused CyBlocs to other players. $CBT may also be awarded to players assisting the CyBall ecosystem by participating in various activities.

CBT tokens will be used in the Hire-a-Coach training mode and for mentoring CyBlocs.

  • CyBall Token (CYB)

CYB is a BEP-20 and ERC-20 governance token. CYB holders will have voting rights on strategic issues regarding the CyBall project. CYB tokens can also be used for mentoring CyBlocs.

Players can earn CyBall tokens as staking rewards or special rewards after competing in the Tournament and League game modes. CYB tokens will also be given to players who participate in useful activities within the CyBall ecosystem.

Note that there is a limited supply of CYB tokens.

How to play CyBall?

Getting started with CyBall is pretty straightforward. First, go to the official CyBall website and download the application. The app is only available for windows and android at the time of writing this.

Next, you need to log in. You can do that by connecting your wallet with the game. You can connect a MetaMask wallet, Binance Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, or WalletConnect. Just click on the appropriate option, and the prompts will guide you through the rest of the process.

Then, go to the marketplace and purchase your CyBlocs. Use the guide on CyBlocs attributes we discussed above to pick the right CyBlocs from the marketplace.

With your CyBlocs ready, it’s time to pick a game and start playing. The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward. Let’s say you want to play Exhibition 3v3. After clicking this mode, the matchmaking system will find you an appropriate opponent. This system finds another player with a similar or closely matched overall rating.

Once the algorithm finds an opponent, the next screen will show you the opponent and their CyBlocs for a few seconds. Skim through their CyBlocs and use that intel to pick the appropriate match strategy.

In the next window, you will have 15 seconds to pick your match strategy. There are five strategies to choose from; ultra-offensive, offensive, balanced, defensive, ultra-defensive. You’ll have another chance to pick a different strategy during halftime.

Once the 15 seconds elapse, you will enter a new window resembling a football pitch. Hover your mouse to the opponent’s CyBlocs to view their stats. Then, the key events will start. The Exhibition 3v3 has six events; three in the first half and the other three in the second half.

A window pops up just before each event, showing what the event is about. For example, solo/physical means each player can choose only one CyBloc. Oh, and you have 30 seconds to pick that CyBloc and the appropriate tactic card to use for the event. Hover your mouse above the cards to see what they do.

Note that you need tactic powers to play a tactic card. Every player is given five tactic powers, which are consumed based on the tactic cards you play. Therefore, it’s possible to play the match without using a tactic card.

Click ready once you’re done picking a CyBloc and the tactic card. The two CyBlocs will then go head-to-head, competing on their physicality stat. The winner is the CyBloc with the best stat. The game will play a short animation showing the winner scoring a goal against the opponent.

At the end of each key event, you will see a small window showing the event’s results. The second event will start shortly afterward. Repeat the same process of picking your CyBloc, and the tactic card, then click ready. Be sure to make your selection before the timer runs out; otherwise, the system will pick a CyBloc randomly for you.

Also, avoid using the same CyBloc in subsequent events. As you will see, CyBlocs do get tired after completing an event.

Once the match ends, you will see the final results and the rewards you’ve earned. Playing CyBall is that simple.

How much money can you make with CyBall?

Like other NFT-gaming projects, CyBall is a work-in-progress. There is already a lot you can do within the game, like mentoring and playing the 3v3 Exhibition and training modes. Still, there is a lot yet to come. Features like Stadium Manager, Pep Talks, and the Tournament and League modes are scheduled for later this year.

Nevertheless, players can make a decent income from the available gaming options. For example, you can purchase CyBloc NFTs and battle them out against opponents on the pitch for $CBT and $CBY tokens. These tokens can be claimed in your wallet.

There is also the CyLoan option to loan out your CyBlocs. Moreover, you can sell your NFTs in the marketplace. Therefore, money-making opportunities are plentiful in CyBall. Plus, you can expect even more opportunities as additional features are introduced.

In Closing

CyBall is an NFT game of interest for any football or soccer lover. This game allows you to experience a futuristic football game while earning rewards with real-world value. But that’s not the only group of people who could benefit from CyBall.

The NFT game is also ideal for anyone interested in joining the crypto or blockchain world. It will introduce you to the basics of collecting, owning, and trading NFTs pretty well. Investors will also find CyBall pretty exciting. This game applies a football theme that will likely attract more people since football is a pretty popular sport. The project also has high-profile backers like Impossible Finance, Ascensive Assets, Animoca Brands, SkyVision Capital, Rok Capital, and Coin98

Splinterlands Review: Is this Trading Card Game Worth it?

Blockchain-based gaming is one of the most interesting innovations to enter the cryptocurrency space. These games utilize blockchain technology to give players an opportunity to make money from digital collectibles. And there are so many of these games.

This review will discuss Splinterlands, one of the biggest blockchain games around. We’ll tell you how the game works and how you can start playing it. We’ll then move on to the most interesting part, where we’ll explain how much money you could make playing the game. But let’s start at the top:

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a play-to-earn collectible card game built on Hive Blockchain technology. It was previously known as Steem Monsters before it was rebranded to Splinterlands.

The game was founded in 2018 by Mathew Rosen and Jesse Reich. The company operates from Media, Pennsylvania.

Splinterlands allows players to build a collection of cards that are supported by the NFT technology. Therefore, each card is unique, and players can trade or rent their cards to make money. Besides the cards, you can also earn in-game rewards, including tokens called Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). Moreover, you can purchase digital assets such as land, potions, skins, and dice from the Splinterlands economy.

Splinterland is free to play, but you must purchase the Summoner’s Spellbook to unlock the play-to-earn features. The Spellbook costs $10.

How does Splinterlands work?

There are more than 500 cards in Splinterlands. Each card belongs to one of seven fractions; Fire, Earth, Dragon, Water, Neutral, Death, and Life. You must build your deck wisely to boost character abilities and increase the chances of winning against your opponent.

Collecting cards with unique abilities and rarities increases your advantage against opponents. You can also invest in customizable skins and potions to improve your card’s attributes.

After picking your cards, the matchmaking system will match you to an opponent within the same bracket. But before a match begins, you will see a window showing your opponent’s elements from their past battles. These are very useful as they can help you predict the opponent’s techniques and create the appropriate counter-strategy.

You also need to understand the full capabilities of your cards to develop a winning strategy. However, there is a timer, so you’ll need to pick your cards quickly before the match starts.

Once you have your deck ready, the monsters will start battling it out on their own. There’s nothing else for you to do during the match.

In terms of game modes, Splinterlands gives you four options:

  • How To Play – This mode helps you understand how Splinterlands works. You will learn about the various card types, the seven stats in the game, and how to battle.
  • Practice – The practice mode lets you play the game for free. You can run practice battles here without damaging your ranking.
  • Ranked – This mode puts you in battles that can raise your ranking.
  • Challenge – The challenge mode is for custom matches. It lets you invite your friends for a match whose outcome doesn’t affect your ranking.

The Splinterlands network has three types of tokens;

  • Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) – DEC is the equivalent of Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) from Axie Infinity. It’s the rare reward token you earn when you defeat opponents in the game. The token can be used to purchase rare cards and other exclusive items. You can also convert it into other cryptocurrencies.
  • Credits – Credit is the in-game currency used to purchase cards and other items.
  • Splintershards – Finally, you have the Splintershards or SPS tokens. These governance tokens are used to enter special tournaments. They can also be staked to earn even more tokens.

One interesting feature about Splinterlands is the rental system. This system allows players to list their cards for rent in the marketplace. Anyone interested in the cards has to rent and pay for them with their credits or DECs.

This system provides a unique opportunity to earn passive income. You can easily list your cards for rent and get extra credits and DECs from other players without playing the game.

How To Play Splinterlands

There are three primary steps you need to complete before you can start playing the game:

Step 1: Set Up A MetaMask Wallet

Being a play-to-earn game, you need to create and link your MetaMask wallet to Splinterlands. This enables you to purchase in-game assets needed to play the game.

If you already have an account, all you need to do is link it to Splinterlands. Otherwise, you’ll have to create an account from scratch and link it to the game.

Luckily, creating a MetaMask account is pretty straightforward. First, visit the official MetaMask website. Just google “MetaMask,” and the site should appear at the very top. Next, download the browser extension and activate it. MetaMask is available for both Chrome and Firefox, but it’s advisable to use the Chrome browser when playing this game.

Once the MetaMask wallet is added to your browser, click to open it. It will guide you through the setup process. Be sure to add some funds to the wallet. Save your password and phrase safely as well.

Step 2: Set Up A Splinterlands Account

Next step, you need to create a Splinterlands account. Head over to the official Splinterlands website and click the prominent “Play Now” button on the homepage. Select “create an account” in the next menu. Proceed to enter your email address and confirm it. There’s also a section on “referral account.” This section would show the account of a Splinterland partner if you used a referral link to access the website. The partner will get a kickback but at no extra cost from you.

Click “Create Password” in the next window, then set up your password and finish up by clicking “Create.”

That’s it. You should now be logged into your Splinterlands account. The game will automatically ask if you want to play a tutorial. It’s good to play the tutorial and see how the game works.

Step 3: Purchase the summoner’s spellbook

Once you’re done with the tutorial, go ahead and purchase the Summoner’s Spellbook. You will see that option from the game’s main dashboard. It has a green button. Click on it, and you’ll see the various options to pay for the Spellbook. You can pay with PayPal, Crypto, or a promo code if you have one. Go ahead and complete the purchase. The Spellbook should be attached to your account a few seconds or minutes later.

Summoner’s spellbook

Step 4: Engage in battles

After getting the Spellbook, you’ll now be able to participate in all battles available in the game. You can start with the easier game modes like Practice and How To Play if you feel you’re still not ready for a competitive duel.

But once you’re ready to battle against other players, go back to the main dashboard, click “Battle” from the top menu and select “Ranked.”

Once you do that, the game will scan and find you an opponent. Next, you will enter into a new menu that allows you to edit your team before proceeding to the battle. In that menu, you’ll see the rule book showing the basic rules of the game mode. The menu also shows the mana count, elements, and a timer.

Keep an eye on that timer when creating your team. You want to choose your cards and have the team ready before the countdown hits zero.

To set up your team, click “Create Team,” then pick a summoner and monsters. Note that your mana count determines the type and number of monsters you can pick. The summoner and each monster will cost you a certain number of manas. The cumulative number of those manas should not exceed the mana count you have.

How do you know the mana cost of your cards? Each card comes with several figures representing different attributes. Let’s break them down:

  • Mana cost – Mana cost is the number at the top left of a card. That’s how many manas the card will take from your mana count if you include it in your team.
  • Attack – Attack is shown by the number right below mana cost and above the speed number. Cards have different types of attacks ranging from melee and range to magic attacks.
  • Speed – Speed stat is the last number below mana cost and above attack on the left. A card’s speed is influenced by factors like the card’s overall level.
  • Armor – Armor is found inside the shield icon on the right side of the card. When your opponent attacks a monster,  the monster loses their armor counts first before it affects their health level.
  • Health – Health level is the number inside the heart icon below the armor.
  • Card rarity – A card’s rarity level is shown using the middle icon. The rarity level is represented using different colors. Grey is for common cards, blue shows rare cards, purple represents epic cards, and gold is for legendary cards.
  • Level – Card level is represented with the number next to the star icon.
  • Experience – Experience is shown in green right below the card name and level. You can increase your card’s experience level by combining two summoners or monster cards. For example, you can combine two monster cards with one Base Card Experience level each to get one monster card with two Base Card Experience.
  • Abilities – Abilities are shown at the very bottom of the card. Every monster and summoner card has abilities. Some abilities come with the cards, while others appear as you level up. A few of the common abilities include flying, piercing, dodge, swiftness, protect, slow, and demoralize. Hover your mouse near the abilities icon to see what abilities a specific card has.

Click the green “Battle” button once you’re done creating your team. The game will wait for your opponent to finish setting up their team before the battle begins.

Understand that Splinterlands’s ranked mode gameplay is handsfree. After getting paired with an opponent and creating your team, there’s nothing else for you to do. You can only watch the battle or click the “Skip to results” button to see the final results.

Step 5: Participate in Daily Quests

One relatively easy method to rank fast and earn more rewards is to participate in quests. These quests are updated daily, so you’ll have an opportunity to make extra money playing different types of games.

Daily quests rewards

For example, one daily quest may ask you to use earth splinters to play in five ranked battles. If you win, the game rewards you with a loot chest.

How much money can you make with Splinterlands?

Splinterlands offers several opportunities of making money. First, you can earn DECs from playing the Ranked mode. And if you win two games in a row, you’ll be rewarded with bonus DECs. You can also get bonus DECs when using certain cards, e.g., Gold cards.

Second, you can sell or rent your cards. Renting is a great way to earn passive income while retaining ownership of the cards.

The other interesting way to make money is by burning cards. When you burn a card, it gets destroyed permanently, and you will earn some DECs in return.

So, how much money can you make playing Splinterlands? Unfortunately, this would depend on various factors like your skill level and the time you’re willing to commit to the game. Some players make $100 per month, while others do not come close to that figure.

In Closing

Splinterlands joins the hundreds of NFT games available on the market today. But, this game is unique in several ways. For starters, it has a free-to-play mode, unlike most other cryptocurrency games. However, you will only unlock the play-to-earn features once you buy the Summoner’s Spellbook. It only costs $10.

Splinterlands is also a decent NFT game because it presents many opportunities to make money. You can collect rare cards and flip them for a profit. You can also buy in-game assets, including land, skins, and portions. Additionally, you can earn Dark Energy Crystal tokens by completing different objectives.

On top of all that, Splinterlands has a pretty decent team developing the project. We’ll be keeping an eye on new development and updating this article as they happen.

So, take a closer look at Splinterlands if you are looking for an NFT game worth investing in. You can even set up an account and explore the free-to-play features before putting your money in it.

Crabada Review: A Great Game on Avalanche

For many years, gaming studios and their developers were the only people making money from video games. They would roll out free-to-play video games then charge players to purchase in-game items like skins. Gaming studios made billions from this model.

Luckily, NFT gaming is here to change all that. NFT gaming is a new gaming experience where developers use blockchain technology to add a play-to-earn model in games. These games give players a shot at making money from in-game assets while enjoying different gaming experiences. For instance, while free-to-play games would make you buy in-game skins that you cannot sell, NFT games allow you to trade such items for tokens with real-world value.

Crabada is one of the hundreds of such NFT games. Now, unfortunately, not all NFT games are legit. Some are developed to swindle players out of their hard-earned money. But on the brighter side, there are some pretty reputable games. Axie Infinity and The Sandbox are good examples.

In this article, we will discuss Crabada in detail to help you determine whether it’s something you should invest in or not. We’ll tell you how it works and how to start playing it. But let’s start with the definition first:

What is Crabada?

Crabada is a decentralized play-to-earn game running on the Avalanche mainnet. The game is based in a world called the Hermit-Crab Kingdom that was initially ruled by King Crutasco. As the player, your objective is to recruit a team of crabs and move around the map, completing different tasks.

There are three main activities you could engage in. You can breed your crabs, use your crabs to mine valuable in-game assets, or loot other people’s assets. Like other top crypto games, completing these tasks earns you rewards. Some of the rewards can then be traded in a decentralized exchange for various tokens.

The Crabada game operates on blockchain technology. That gives players total control over their in-game assets.

Who’s behind Crabada? The team behind the Crabada NFT project consists of ten people. It’s not the largest team in the NFT gaming scene by any means. However, the team has managed to keep up with the project’s roadmap pretty well.

From the Crabada whitepaper, you will also notice that most team members are anonymous. That’s nothing strange in the NFT world.

The ten-person team consists of four co-founders, a creative lead, game lead, marketing lead, lead artist, content & design strategist, and a community & growth manager. Most of these guys, especially the co-founders, have vast experience in blockchain technology.

Crabada was launched in 2021, but like many other NFT games, the project is still under development. For example, the developers are expected to launch the much-anticipated PVP matchmaking and tournaments in Q2 and Q4 of 2022, respectively.

The developers also have partnered with multiple companies to help steer the project forward. These partners include Avalanche, Avalaunch, Skyvision Capital, and Wangarian.

Let’s now look at how the Crabada NFT game works:

How does Crabada work?

As mentioned earlier, there are various activities you can engage in when playing Crabada. But before doing any of that, you will need to buy and create a team of three crabs.

Once you have your team ready, you can go for a mining expedition. This basically involves deploying your crabs in a vacant mine. The crabs will go on to mine treasures for you. Crabada mining expeditions last four hours, earning you CRA and TUS tokens (more about Crabada tokenomics below). The best part? You don’t have to sit and watch the Crabada mine. Crabs can do that on their own, and that’s why Crabada is also referred to as an idle game.

The other more interesting activity is looting. This is where you will send a looting party (comprised of three crabs) to loot a mine occupied by someone else. Of course, this is riskier than mining because your looting party can get obliterated. However, Crabada will reward you for taking the risk with a small bounty of 24.3 TUS and 0.3 CRA tokens. You’ll earn even more tokens if you complete the looting mission successfully. These missions take 1 to 3 hours.

The game also allows you to rent out your Crabadas. This is pretty helpful when you don’t want your Crabadas sitting idle if you’re not interested in mining or looting missions. Rent them out as mercenaries in the tavern and collect some tokens.

Besides the idle gameplays, Crabada developers are also working on a PVP mode. The PVP matchmaking is scheduled for June of 2022, while PVP tournaments are expected to start in October 2022.

Tokenomics is the other crucial thing you need to know about Crabada. The game has three main tokens. These tokens are used in the Crabada marketplace to purchase different assets. The game also rewards you with some of these tokens when you complete certain quests.

Here are the tokens:

  • CRA (Crabada) – CRA is the native token in Crabada. It’s the governance token that allows holders to vote on crucial matters regarding the Crabada project. Players can earn this ARC-20 token as a reward after playing the game. You can also get it after staking your tokens.
  • TUS (Treasure Under Sea) – TUS is an in-game currency used to purchase crabs and other assets from the Crabada tavern. Players can earn TUS tokens by participating in activities like looting, mining, and renting crabs to other players.
  • CRAM (Crabada Amulets) – CRAM tokens are mostly earned when you stake your CRA tokens. For example, you can earn 2 CRAMs every week if you stake 100 CRA tokens. CRAM tokens can be used to increase team size. 250 CRAM tokens will get you one extra team. That means you’ll be able to play more games concurrently. The tokens can also get you exclusive rewards.

Let’s discuss how you can start to play Crabada in the next section.

How to play Crabada?

To play this game, you must connect your MetaMask wallet to the Avalanche network. If you don’t already have a MetaMask wallet, go to the official MetaMask website and set up one. You’ll need to download the wallet extension and add it to your browser before creating an account. The entire process should take only a few seconds.

To connect MetaMask to Avalanche, open the MetaMask wallet menu and scroll down to “Custom RPC.” Go ahead and fill out the field with the Avalanche network details provided by Crabada in this link.

Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Transfer Crabadas

Visit the official Crabada website, then click the “Play Game” button located on the top right side. Next, click “Connect wallet” and sign into the game with your MetaMask account. On the left side of the next dashboard, you will see a menu with various links. Click “Inventory.” This will take you to a new window displaying your Crabadas.

Choose the Crabadas you want to transfer and click the red “Transfer” button on the top right of the dashboard. Confirm the Crabada transfer in the pop-up window. You should receive a “Success” notification afterward.

Step 2: Set Up Your Team Formation

Go back to the game’s main dashboard and click “Manage Teams” from the menu on the left. Now pick your Crabadas and add them to the teams you want. If you have no existing teams, click the “New Team” button and set up one.

Consider the following attributes about Crabadas while setting up your team:

  • Factions – Each Crabada belongs to one of six factions. These factions are; Crabs Of The Abyss, Crabs Of The Trench, Children Of The Ore, Family Of Faeries, Machine Corps, and Order Of The Lux. A Crabada inherits the factional weaknesses and strengths of their faction.
  • Classes – There are eight classes of Crabadas. A Crabada’s class influences their attributes and, by extension, their performance in different activities. For example, a mining party of Crabadas with a high cumulative speed attribute is likely to finish a mining expedition faster than one with a lower cumulative speed attribute.
  • Breed type – Every class has eight breed types bringing the total number of breed types to 64 (8 x 8). A Crabada’s breed type affects their battle capabilities. Consider that when picking Crabadas for PVE and PVP combats.
  • Crab parts – Each Crabada has six body parts. The parts influence the crab’s skills, attributes, and faction.

Once you’re done setting up your team, click the add button.

Step 3: Explore The Game

It’s finally time to do the fun stuff. Go back to the main dashboard and click the “Dashboard” option from the left menu. It should be the first button at the top. That will take you to a new window showing the available game modes.

Mining Expeditions is one of those modes. You can also access this game mode from the “Explore” button. You will see active mines where you can send a mining party. Select one of those mines and choose a mining team from the next window. Click “select” after choosing your team and follow the next instructions to deploy the team to an active mine.

You can also engage in looting missions from the “Explore” menu. You will find the “Start Looting” button next to “Active mines.” Choose the mine you want to loot, then click “Attack.” You’ll be asked to choose a looting team. Go ahead and pick the team and deploy the Crabadas to that mine.

One interesting concept about Crabada’s looting missions is they allow players to send reinforcements. Plus, you can rent Crabadas and deploy them as reinforcement. This is really helpful if you feel you don’t have a strong enough team to complete the mission.

But keep in mind that your opponent can do the same thing. So while you’re finding attack reinforcements, they can also introduce new Crabadas to strengthen their defense. This gameplay can get very interesting, but it’s also why looting missions can go on for more than two hours.

Note that you can only loot mines where Crabadas have been on a mining expedition for less than 1 hour 30 minutes. After that duration, the mining expedition enters a “safe mode,” which prevents attacks from looters.

Step 4: Explore Breeding

Breeding is another activity you have to explore when playing Crabada. It can help you come up with rare and more powerful Crabadas. You need two eligible Crabadas and CRA and TUS tokens as breeding costs to start breeding.

Understand that you cannot breed a Crabada with their sibling or parent. Also, you can’t breed one Crabada more than five times.

On the other hand, breeding costs tend to vary. You need 105CRA for each breeding. In addition to that, you’ll require several TUS tokens. The exact number will depend on how many times the Crabadas have been used for breeding. The cost is higher for the Crabadas involved in more breeding sessions.

After breeding, the tokens are eliminated from the game economy. Meanwhile, you’ll be left with an egg that will take five days to hatch. You can then proceed to nurture the new Crabada through explorations.

You should know that the class and body parts of a newly bred Crabada depend on the parents’ genes (called alleles in the game). Every Crabada has genes that belong in one of three groups; minor recessive, recessive, and dominant. A newly bred Crabada has a 33.33% probability of inheriting dominant genes, an 11.11% chance of getting recessive genes, and a 5.56% chance to get minor recessive genes.

Meanwhile, the class is typically a 50-50 chance of belonging to either parents’ class.

In closing

As the NFT gaming scene becomes more popular, beginners find it even harder to identify legit crypto games they can invest in. Even the more experienced crypto fanatics are experiencing challenges trying to understand the newer games.

Crabada appears to be a promising NFT game. It runs on a reputable mainnet, has a decent team of developers, and they’ve secured great partners. The roadmap also shows the project is likely to grow, which is essential when considering which crypto game to invest in.

In summary, don’t overlook Crabada. Set up an account, join the community, and explore the Hermit-Crab Kingdom. Be sure to keep an eye on the value of the CRA token as well.

DeFi Kingdoms Review: A Beginners Guide

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain game that utilizes decentralized finance, NFTs, and other blockchain technologies to help gamers earn in-game rewards with real-world value. The game features multiple characters or heroes with different attributes. Players get to own these characters, equip them, and perform other customizations using in-game assets.

The heroes are then deployed into battles where they compete against characters owned by other players. By participating in these matches, players earn in-game rewards like tokens that can be converted into cryptocurrency.

Besides the game itself, the platform also offers a liquidity pool and a vast marketplace of rare NFTs.

DeFi Kingdoms was released in 2021 and runs on Harmony. The project has a big team of backend and front-end developers, game designers, marketers, and community managers. However, you will notice that most of these guys remain anonymous. They do have their social media pages published on the DeFi Kingdoms website, but you don’t get to know their real names or faces.

However, the one thing that remains clear is that the team is committed to making DeFi Kingdoms a success. This can be seen in various ways. For example, they are working on releasing the game on Avalanche. They are also working to introduce more in-game assets to increase players’ earning potential.

How does DeFi Kingdoms work?

You need to set up your MetaMask wallet first before playing DeFi Kingdoms. Your wallet should also be funded with Harmony ONE. You can buy the crypto from Binance, Crypto, and other platforms.

Once you’re done funding your account, you should be able to create a profile on DeFi Kingdoms. Now it’s time to start exploring the features.

I would first suggest converting your ONE into JEWEL, the native governance token of DeFi Kingdoms. This token will now help you buy other digital assets in the game. Head to the marketplace and interact with the trader to complete this transaction.

After getting your JEWELs, you can start spending them to earn more in-game rewards. One way to earn passive income from the game is to stake those tokens. You can do that by heading to the Bank. The bank will reward you with xJewels.

Besides the bank, you can also stake your tokens at the section of the map marked Garden. This is where liquidity pooling takes place. You’ll need two tokens, the JEWEL token and another token of your choice, to start gardening. DeFi Kingdoms gives you multiple tokens to choose from.

What about the gameplay itself? DeFi Kingdoms gameplay is going to feature NFTs known as Heroes. Players can get Heroes from the section of the map called the Tavern. This is also the place where you’ll be able to sell or rent your Heroes to other players.

The Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms have different professions. You can get gardeners, forgers, miners, or fishers. The Heroes will be able to participate in quests within their professions.

Now, you can improve your Hero’s performance in these quests by boosting their skills. For example, you can invest in your mining Heroes to improve their mining capabilities. This will then improve their efficiency in mining Jewels and gold. They can even get rare treasures from the mines.

Besides mining, gardening, fishing, and forging, you can pair two heroes to summon a new hero from the portal. The type of heroes summoned will always depend on the two heroes being paired. And you don’t have to use your own heroes for summoning. You are free to rent a Hero from the Tavern and use them for summoning.

As far as tokens go, DeFi Kingdoms offers four types:

  • JEWELS – This is the in-game currency and native token of the game. You will need it to buy and rent in-game digital assets like the Heroes.
  • xJewels – xJewels are earned from staking your JEWEL tokens at the bank.
  • ONE – ONE is the Harmony token used to pay gas fees (transaction charges).
  • DFKTEARS – You need these tokens to summon heroes at the Portal.

How To Play DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a pretty straightforward game. Once you set up your account and sign into the game, you will see a self-explanatory dashboard or world map. The map shows all points of interest within the Kingdom. You have Docks, Tavern, Marketplace, Bank, Gardens, Meditation Circle, Portal, and Professions.

You don’t need any serious technical skills to play or explore any of these areas at the moment. Perhaps that will become necessary once the developers introduce the much-awaited PVP game mode.

Nevertheless, here are some of the things you can do in the various points of interest found in the DeFi Kingdom:

The Tavern

As pointed out earlier, The Tavern is where you can purchase, rent, or sell DeFi Kingdom heroes. One of the people present in this part of the map is Barkeep Kessing. The guy will give you access to the cards of different heroes. Kessing can also help you send a hero to another player in DeFi Kingdom.

The other person at the Tavern is Selena. She’s an agent that can help you find Heroes available for purchase.


This is a crucial part of the DeFi Kingdoms. It is where you can trade ONE token for JEWEL, the game’s primary currency, with the help of a trader/merchant the developers called Matoya.

Besides trading ONE tokens, Matoya can also help you invest JEWEL tokens to grow your balance. She can also help you swap tokens on the Harmony blockchain.

Moreover, you can purchase Heroes using JEWEL tokens from this place.

Druid Lazarus is the other merchant present in the marketplace. Druid will help you invest in liquidity pools. He also helps with the pairing of tokens.

You can speak to Druid Lazarus to purchase Seeds. These Seeds can then be used in the part of the map marked Garden.


Henry The Horticulturist is the head of DeFi Kingdom’s Garden. This is the place to go when you want to invest in liquidity pools. Check the Seedbox to see the available liquidity pools. DeFi Kingdom developers have made it relatively easy for you to choose a pool by attaching some data on each liquidity pool. They show information like emissions, the amount already invested in the pool, and predicted return.

When you find an interesting liquidity pool worth investing in, use the Seeds you bought from Druid Lazarus to make your investment. Then, Henry, The Horticulturist, will get to work and plant them right away. As your plants grow, you will earn rewards that can be accessed from the Harvest section of the garden.


The next interesting part of the world map is the Bank section operated by Banker Ian. This area allows you to deposit your jewels into a vault. Your deposits will attract rewards from in-game JEWEL transactions and decentralized exchange fees.

This is the place you want to put your JEWELS if you’re not investing them anywhere else. They will earn you rewards passively. And, of course, the more JEWELs you have deposited in the vault, the more rewards you will earn.

Meditation Circle

As the name suggests, the meditation circle is used by heroes for meditation. Bring your heroes here to help them meditate and improve their attributes.

The Portal

Heroes are summoned from the Portal. You will require two heroes to summon a hero at the portal. Archdruid Argranam, who’s found at the portal, will do a ritual with the two heroes to channel the heroes’ energy into a crystal. Then, Lisa, the Summoner, will use that crystal to summon a new hero into the realm.

Note that all heroes are unique. Therefore, the new hero will have combined attributes of the two heroes used in the ritual, but they’ll be 100% unique. That’s because DeFi Kingdom heroes are NFTs, so you can actually trade them for tokens with real-world value.

The heroes in DeFi Kingdoms come with several attributes that affect their performances. Some of these attributes include:

  • Mana points – These are also abbreviated as MP. Heroes need mana points to use their skills and cast spells.
  • Hit points – Hit Points or HP shows the hero’s health. You will need to rest your hero when their hit points run low to enable their restoration.
  • Stamina – Stamina is required for the hero to participate in a quest. Therefore, you cannot do any quests when your hero runs out of stamina until it regenerates automatically.
  • Dexterity – This allows the hero to modify their attack damages with various tools.
  • Strength – Strength increases attacks and several other actions.

  • Agility – Agility improves a hero’s speed and ability to evade attacks.
  • Vitality – Vitality influences a hero’s hit points growth. It can also affect recovery from several debuffs.
  • Endurance – Endurance increases the hero’s defense.
  • Intelligence – Intelligence improves your hero’s magic, evasion, and skills.
  • Luck – A hero with more luck points is highly likely to acquire rare items when participating in some of the activities found in DeFi Kingdom. Luck can also improve a hero’s evasion capabilities during battle and can influence critical hits.
  • Wisdom – Wisdom influences how many mana points a hero gains when leveling up. It also adds a multiplier to attacks and magic skills.


This is the area to bring your heroes and help them level up. At the Professions area, miners, fishers, gardeners, and forgers gain experience and skills by participating in quests. The heroes become more efficient in their profession when they complete these quests. However, you will be charged a stamina point for every quest they participate in.

But on the bright side, heroes will earn you rewards when they complete challenges from this area. Moreover, they become more valuable, allowing you to fetch more money when you rent or sell them.

The Castle

The Castle is still under development. This will be your one-stop shop for purchasing and selling parcels of land in DeFi Kingdom.


The Docks section has a bridge and ship. This is where you can move from and to Harmony one with the help of Dockmaster Maria. It is one of the newer points of interest added to the map.

How much money can you make with DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms offers various money-making opportunities ranging from selling and renting heroes to participating in quests for in-game rewards. You can also capitalize on your Hero’s profession to mine, fish, forge, or garden. This helps you acquire assets that can be sold at the marketplace.

You should know that the more these Heroes take part in their respective professions, the more experience they gain. This increases your future earning potential. Therefore, DeFi Kingdoms is a game you want to play long-term for a bigger ROI.

It’s also worth pointing out that DeFi Kingdoms is an evolving project. The team behind it is still investing in other features. They will roll out a PVP game mode. Players will also be able to craft equipment that will improve their hero’s characteristics and, by extension, value. The future of this blockchain game is hence very promising.

In Closing

To recap, DeFi Kingdoms is a fascinating NFT and decentralized finance game with a play-to-earn model. The game essentially involves purchasing and equipping heroes who will be deployed into battles. The heroes will fight against opponents from other real players. Winners will earn in-game rewards that can be traded for various crypto.

Therefore, DeFi Kingdoms is something you want to look at if you are thinking of investing in engaging crypto gaming. One of the good things about this project is you don’t have to grind through gaming to make money. You can earn passive income from DeFi Kingdoms by staking your tokens and renting your heroes. You can also earn through gardening.

The developers are also working on exciting updates for the project. For example, they are planning to introduce land NFTs. These will allow players to purchase land from DeFi Kingdom, something similar to another NFT game called The Sandbox. On top of that, they want to introduce buildings that will allow gamers to customize their kingdoms.

There you have it. That’s everything you need to know about the DeFi Kingdoms crypto game. Is there anything we left out? Let us know.