Cryptoblades: An in-depth review of this RPG style NFT game

Cyptoblades is a very unique NFT game in the blockchain, that focuses on an RPG style gameplay. First of all what is an RPG? An RPG or role playing game, is a type of game genre wherein players acts or fills in roles of a character in a fictional setting. An RPG game mostly focuses on progressing the game by focusing on decisions that makes a huge impact in the game. These decisions can either be based on the story aspect of a game, or the character development aspect. RPGs are mostly games wherein a player grinds for endless of hours just to build a character that they like. Players focuses on items, skillsets, and the statistics of characters that they build. Cryptoblades is a game that is more or less of what was mentioned before. It is a game that utilizes the skills of players when it comes with building characters and choosing the right weapons and teams to win battles. Players are also able to trade their blades online with other players in the game’s own exclusive market to prevent any forms of mischievous acts. They are also able to buy and sell different kinds of blades and characters with other players through the market. Despite the competition with other NFT games like Axie Infinity, Cryptoblades is on the top when it comes to being unique and different from other NFT games. It is one of the simplest games out there in the blockchain, yet still emphasizes the skill of a player.

Cryptoblades is a game that is known for being a simplistic and grind-focused game. It is played on a website by just simply clicking to battle enemies. Since Cryptoblades is an RPG style game, it is mostly grinding to build a character and attain a strong blade. For the game to have a sense of variety, it has different elements assigned with different characters in the game. Naturally these elements counter the other, while some are weak with others. There is a stamina system in the game which limits the player’s capability to compete with battles against other players. Players can only use four characters each with different elements and blades assigned to them. Once a player enters the combat section of the game they are greeted with four enemies available to fight. Character have their own respective power levels for both the enemies and the ones that players own. When a player chooses an enemy to fight, they consider the power level of the enemy along with its assigned element to take the upper advantage of the battle. Once a player has chosen an enemy, they are then to choose their character and then give them the blade to be used for battle. Winning a battle rewards a player experience to level up their characters and SKILL (the token of the game). SKILL rewards are based on how high the power level of an enemy is. Enemies can be refreshed once every hour which players can use to their advantage by increasing their odds of winning battles. Players can keep on grinding experience used to increase the strength of their characters while earning money simply by winning multiple battles every day in the game.

Although Cryptoblades does not focus on the competitive aspect of a game which some players prefer more than grinding, it is still a time consuming game. It may not be as exciting as games like Axie Infinity wherein players are able to battle it out with other players, but it is still a game that focuses on the knowledge of a player. Unlike other NFT games, Cryptoblades is basically a 100% earning game as long as a player’s characters are strong enough to win and defeat every single enemies in a battle. Cryptoblades is a game that opens up to lots of possibilities in the blockchain. This game proves that an NFT game can be more than just what it is.

Mines of Dalarnia team shows massive gratitude for their playtesters!

The Mines of Dalarnia team will not let the time invested, plus the efforts of their playtesters go down the drain as they announce the testnet rewards on April 20. As this free-to-play 2D action-adventure game reaches its upcoming mainnet launch that their Game Director Keith McCollough initially announced, the MoD team is pleased to confirm that they want to reward both V1 and V2 playtesters with fantastic prizes!

Over the last year, the MoD community has shown to be an essential testing resource. And, with mainnet slated to debut on April 26, the team is glad to offer this initiative as a token of their appreciation from everyone on Team Dalarnia.

Mines of Dalarnia Playtesters eligible for rewards (V1)

Players are eligible for consideration if they utilize a Chromia Vault testnet account to play Mines of Dalarnia V1. A total of 2000 users will get incentives depending on their Reward Tier (see below). In addition, users are rated based on the metrics shown below from their Vault account.

Reward Tiers

Firstly, the 200 users with the greatest total distance dug will be in Reward Tier 4. They will receive: 

  • Cosmetic “Crystal Skin” armor NFT
  • Cosmetic “Crystal Skin” helmet NFT
  • Mining Passport NFT, Pick Particle Effect NFT and;
  • 50 DAR tokens (see functions below). 

Reward Tier 3 will include 300 users with the highest total value of minerals gathered. This tier prioritizes the rarity of minerals obtained in this tier but not in the next. These users will receive:

  • Armor Cosmetic NFT 
  • Pick Particle Effect NFT 
  • Mining Passport NFT and;
  • 40 DAR tokens

The 500 users who have gathered the most minerals will be in Reward Tier 2. This tier consists of these rewards:

  • Pick Particle Effect NFT 
  • Mining Passport NFT and;
  • 30 DAR tokens

Finally, the top 1000 users with the most mining runs will be in Reward Tier 1. The rewards in this tier are:

  • Pick Particle Effect NFT 
  • Mining Passport NFT and;
  • 20 DAR tokens

Users will be able to connect their Chromia Vault account used to play V1 with their selected BNB address via the rewards portal interface. It will allow the portal to read your Chromia Vault account progress while distributing prizes on the BNB chain. Further, the procedure will require you to sign a message with your Chromia Vault, guaranteeing that no one else may claim credit for the time and effort playtesters into V1 testing. If you utilized numerous Chromia Vault accounts during testing, you can generate multiple BNB chain addresses and link each Vault account to a different BNB address.

The Mines of Dalarnia team also emphasized that users can only be in one reward tier. Furthermore, if a player qualifies for more than one award tier, they will only receive the highest possible rewards, while other chosen players will fill the lower reward tiers.

Mines of Dalarnia Playtesters eligible for rewards (V2)

All V2 testers (the new version on the BNB Testnet) will be able to make a claim transaction through The Mines of Dalarnia rewards site. More importantly, receiving these awards does not exclude you from participating in the V1 rewards campaign:

  • Mining Passport NFT
  • Cosmetic “Cat Skin” armor NFT
  • Cosmetic “Cat Skin” helmet NFT
  • 20 DAR tokens

Functions of NFT Rewards 

Mining Passport NFT — gives you access to the whole V2 game environment.

Pick Particle Effect NFT — having this gives your pickaxe a permanent glow effect.

Armor Cosmetic NFT — having this grants you access to a Special Cosmetic armor skin.

Helmet Cosmetic NFT — grants you access to a Special Cosmetic helmet skin

DAR tokens – legitimate DAR tokens produced on the BNB blockchain!

Blockchain Brawlers™ receives a massive economical balance update.

WAX io is hopped up to announce the economic changes of the rowdiest play-to-earn game in the Metaverse, Blockchain Brawlers™!

The development team publicized that they are eager to make game changes that would allow them to fine-tune and run a healthy in-game economy. For this to happen, they addressed the following areas that need adjustment: 

  • player behaviors
  • an in-game economy that builds slowly over time
  • keeping the initial number of players low. 

Furthermore, WAX io will continue to recalibrate the game to maintain a healthy game economy. As Blockchain Brawlers™ reach this equilibrium, they will attempt to enhance marketing and promotional initiatives to get additional gamers to participate in the action.

The improvements stated below (“PART 1”) are currently operating in the game. The “Part 2” adjustments will go live on April 19, 2022, at 4 p.m. ET.

Live Patch of Blockchain Brawlers™ (Part 1)

Gold Balancing (Problem #1)

When WAX io pre-launched various scenarios, the team expected to build up Scotty owners to promote the construction of assets culminating with Colt Tenderfoots employing Steel Chairs in Legendary Rings. However, this did not occur. Instead, each Scotty produces additional Scotties. Given his prodigious gold output, cheap crafting cost, and high profits rate when stacked, there is a glut of Scottys in the market, resulting in a surplus of Gold and BRWL.

As a result, gold prices have fallen significantly as the number of Scottys for sale has grown because of players creating additional Scottys rather than moving to higher-level brawlers as planned. As a result, the team has reduced the number of gold drops across the board for each Brawler by 1%.

The team will be maintaining the same gold drop rates for Brass Knuckles, Baseball Bats, and Steel Chairs. Additionally, WAX io will increase the gold drop rate for Trash Cans and Sledge Hammers while decreasing the cost of crafting them. The team has done it to address in-game performance versus expense. It’s time to boost the performance of these mid-tier gaming gears. Finally, they have made revisions to all recipes (shown below). These changes focus on lowering the overall level of gold for sale and maintaining supply and demand in balance.

Changes are listed below:

  • The gold drop rate of Scotty decreased from 7% to 6%
  • The gold drop rate of Barry decreased from 6% to 5%
  • The gold drop rate of Johnny decreased from 5% to 4%
  • The gold drop rate of Colt decreased from 3% to 2%
  • The gold drop rate of Legendary/Ric Flair decreased from 4% to 3%

“Scotty farms” adjustment. (Problem #2)

The original objective of WAX io with Scotty was for him to be a decent beginning Brawler for early players, filling the function of gold producer until players progressed to higher level Brawlers to create more BRWL. Scotty was designed for players who did not win an auction but still wanted to join the Blockchain BrawlersTM to begin their quest toward a BRWL-optimized lineup.

Theoretically, this might still be the use case. However, WAX io needed to limit his overall productivity and make the “Scotty farms” less appealing. The source of the problem was that he was too powerful to be ignored and too simple to get at his current purchase/crafting price.

As a result, the team raised the recipe from 4000 BRWL / 6 Gold to 5,000 BRWL / 13 Gold. The team made the utmost decrease, reducing his default gross income from 70 gross BRWL per match to 61 gross BRWL.

Furthermore, they have altered every Brawler crafting recipe and their BRWL output figures to encourage people to play the game as intended, with players aiming to move to higher-level Brawlers. The cost of constructing Barry increased since his performance compared to the Scotty modifications was too good, and his in-game performance and cost are now firmly linked with all other Brawlers.

Changes to the Brawler Recipe (BRWL/Gold)

  • Crafting Scotty originally cost 4000/6 and now costs 5,000/13.
  • Crafting Barry originally cost 13,200/12 and now costs 18,250/22.
  • Crafting Johnny originally cost 27,500/24 and now costs 23,150/30.
  • Crafting Colt originally cost 46,400/36 and now costs 32,500/35.

BRWL output values (excluding gear)

  • The base gross of Scotty was 70 BRWL and is currently 61 BRWL.
  • The base gross of Barry remains unchanged.
  • The base gross of Johnny was 130 BRWL, and it is now 132 BRWL.
  • The base gross of Colt has increased from 165 BRWL to 170 BRWL.
  • The base gross of Ric Flair / Legendaries has grown from 201 BRWLto 206 BRWL.

Blockchain Brawlers™ upcoming patch (Part 2)

This patch will go live on April 9 at 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST. The below update will not be available until 4 p.m. EST on April 9 because the changes below may harm players if they have a Ring or Gear NFT in their wallet that has yet to be activated.

It is critical for players that have any gear or rings in their wallet/on sale to activate them in their in-game inventory so that they do not lose the gold they paid to obtain this item.

WAX io will reduce the utilization of gears and rings in-game and the cost of crafting. In-game performance is generally unchanged. However, if a player has a Legendary Ring with +2800 uses that is not activated, once the update goes live, that same asset’s uses will dramatically decrease to 600. The same holds for equipment. The team recommends users enable all gear and rings, or else the number of utilization per item will reduce regardless of how much they paid. Players have until 4 p.m. ET to activate their current NFTs if they so want.

Adjustment to the frequency of crafting (Problem #3)

The team did not enjoy the peaks and troughs of making lasting items in Blockchain Brawlers™, so they drastically decreased its uses. However, they also diminished the cost of production. 

Because of this intention, players should expect the Ring and Gear depreciation to be identical. WAX io maintained the Common Ring practically the same, but the Rare and Legendary Rings received a change in the amount of gold required for every usage, also a modest decrease in depreciation. Further, the team also reduced Gear usage by half. For the most part, the BRWL and Gold costs were also cut in half, with a few modifications here and there to help them achieve their objective of developing a self-sustaining economy. Lastly, the team expects it to lessen the entrance hurdle for gamers.

(BRWL/Gold) Rings

  • Common Ring uses have decreased from 350 to 75 matches.
  • Common Ring crafting has decreased from 3200/5 to 675/2.
  • Rare Ring uses have decreased from 1400 to 300 matches.
  • Rare Ring crafting has decreased from 12000/12 to 2,650/8.
  • Legendary Ring uses have decreased from 2,800 to 600 matches.
  • Legendary Ring crafting has decreased from 20,000/20 to 5,150/16.

Gear (BRWL/Gold)

  • Uses of Brass Knuckles have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Brass Knuckle has decreased from 4000/5 to 1,800/3.
  • Uses of the Trash Can have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Trash Can has decreased from 7,500/7 to 2,500/3.
  • Uses of the Sledgehammer have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Sledgehammer has decreased from 10,000/10 to 4,200/5.
  •  Uses of the Baseball Bats have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of crafting a Baseball Bat has decreased from 14,000/14 to 7,000/7.
  •  Uses of Steel Chair have decreased from 250 to 125 matches.
  • The cost of making a steel chair has decreased from 18,000/18 to 8,900/10

 Swag Kits (BRWL/Gold)

  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto a Common Brawler decreased from 2,000/3 to 2,500/3.
  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto an Uncommon Brawler decreased from 6,600/6 to 9,125/5.
  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto a Rare Brawler decreased from 13,750/12 to 11,575/7.
  • The cost of crafting a Swag Kit onto an Epic Brawler decreased from 23,200/18 to 16,250/9.

Finally, WAX io stated that they eagerly await comments from gamers. They have constantly indicated that some of their decisions will be pleasing for the gamers, while others will not. However, the team claimed that all they do is secure the life of their product and the community’s long-term benefit.

Pegaxy has finally launched it’s newest update!

After days and weeks of waiting for the new pegaxy update to go live into the servers, the developers has finally released it and is now available for the players to try. This update primarily focuses on the stats based system for racing and breeding on pegas which will heavily impact the system of the game. Ever since the launch of this NFT game, pegaxy went through some ups and downs in it’s months of release. VIS and PGX (token used in pegaxy) went on an all time high price in this year, and steadily declined as it cannot hold it’s price in the market. The community has been asking for a change that will turn the tables of the token back up again. The developers responded by showing a roadmap of updates that looks promising in the community.

One of these updates is stats-based system which gives stats a more significant role in the game. This update gives off a more competitive atmosphere in the game, wherein players and breeders will take stats more into consideration when it comes to breeding and playing with other players online. This then results to a sort of burning mechanism that will help stabilize the economy of the game. Pegaxy is an NFT game that is all about racing, and relying on RNG (Random Number Generator) to win a match with other players. But this update introduces a whole new mechanism wherein, players will have to twice or thrice whether their pegas are suited to a specific track in a race.

Leveling system of Pegas

One of the features introduced in this pegaxy update is the leveling system for pegas. This is where the burning mechanism aspect of the game will come in. Players will be able to increase the stats of their pegas, which then will increase the earning ability of it as well.

It opens up a whole new competitive aspect of the game wherein players will be able to come up with specializations for different pegas which might give them the upper hand in specific tracks.

Additionally, breeders might have to change their planning when it comes to proving pegas to scholars. Should they focus more on the amount of pegas to be provided for many scholars, or should they focus on a small amount wherein breeders can give their scholars a more likely chance of winning a race. Either way, it is definitely a feature that people in the community will surely talk and debate about in the future.

Change in renting rates

There are also features suchs as changing the rates for renting pegas live, and implementing a system that gets rid of bots when renting pegas. These are just minor features that will benefit both the managers, and the aspiring scholars of the game. The anti bot system will definitely help more players secure a slot when renting a pega that is posted in the market. And the live change rate on rent system, will be a useful tool for managers when they decide to have their pegas rentable. Overall these are just new features that are sort of a QOL (Quality of life) that provides a more comfortable accessibility within the game.

This new update is yet to prove itself that it is what the community is waiting for. However it is certainly a step towards the right direction of the future for this game. It is unsure whether this update will finally give a pump for the currency of this game in the market. This will all depend whether how much of an impact will this update be after months of playing the game.

VulcanVerse: An Astonishing Island of Endless Possibilities

The blockchain game studio Vulcan Forged has finally released its most-awaited Land Staking Program where users may create anything, The VulcanVerse. Vulcan Forged described it as an island with 9918 plots of land divided into four halves, each owned by a player. Additionally, players can create an astonishing virtual metaverse environment while leveling up by using the development tools given by the developers. Terraforming the land both up and down, building trees, watercourses, monuments, and structures are all possible in the program.

Land Staking

Landowners in the VulcanVerse will be able to stake $PYR tokens on their plots to obtain $PYR straight from the 10 million $PYR prize pool. The reward scheme of the program is unswerving. The pool distributes 10 million $PYR over 1460 payment periods. More importantly, the land level determines the benefits for the user.

If owners wish to maximize their prizes, Vulcan Forged advises them to increase the land level as soon as feasible. Owners may Stake $PYR inside the land to raise the land level. They may do it on the dashboard for their Vulcan Forged account, My Forge.

A land plot is a one-of-a-kind NFT containing land coordinates. When you buy this NFT, you control a little piece of digital real estate in the VulcanVerse. If you wish to earn some $PYR, you can rent out this plot, but it can also be a staking vehicle. The staking pool comprises ten million $PYR that the team will distribute to land staking participants for four years.

Upgrading VulcanVerse Land-Plot

For starters, Level 1 is the starting land plot, and no $PYR may be staked on it by owners. It must be at least level 2 to begin $PYR staking and gaining rewards. To reach plot level 2, you must first obtain avatar level 2 (your account level). To advance your avatar level to level 2, you must gain 10,000 experience points (XP). Owners may obtain The necessary XP by playing games across the Vulcan Forged environment.

When owners have accumulated the necessary 10,000 XP, they can upgrade their plot(s) through sowing. It will take 20 days to complete the sowing operation.

A land plot at level 2 costs a one-time charge of 50 $PYR to sow. It is a charge that will improve the sowing level for this plot. When the sowing procedure is complete, your land is ready for $PYR staking. It costs 50 $PYR and 50 $LAVA to upgrade your land plot to level 2. The 50 $LAVA is a charge, but the 50 $PYR is locked and may be withdrawn at any moment by owners.

The quantity of $PYR required to sow your land plot is the same as the amount of $LAVA and $PYR necessary to stake it. Level 3 lands, for example, cost 100 $PYR to seed and 100 $LAVA to stake. The amount

The amount of required $PYR to sow every land plot level is as follows:

  • Level 1 – 0 $PYR
  • Level 2 – 50 $PYR
  • Level 3 – 100 $PYR
  • Level 4 – 200 $PYR
  • Level 5 – 300 $PYR
  • Level 6 – 400 $PYR
  • Level 7 – 600 $PYR

Important Rules in VulcanVerse

Vulcan Forged has a few crucial details for the landowners.

  1. If you are staking several plots, wait till the first plot is complete before the next one.
  2. Vulcan Forged does not advise owners to withdraw PYR from registered plots or live on the Cedalion program. (Because it would lower your land level)
  3. $LAVA will return to owners once every hour. Wait a moment and double-check this before sending a support ticket.
  4. If you have already staked 100 LAVA within the plot, only 50 $LAVA will return to you. (Because of the 50 $LAVA charge)
  5. If you have not already staked 100 $LAVA, you must pay the standard 50 $LAVA charge.
  6. Don’t stake a new plot if you see the ‘in process’ button.
  7. Plots at land level 2 and staked for 50 PYR should indicate “maximum reached.”

Town Crush initiates Project GYRI for Gala Games!

Thrilled for the inauguration of the first phase of Project GYRI, Gala Games has announced the Alpha release of Town Crush on April 6. It is a brand-new Match 3 game designed by Town Star Art Director Warren Marshall and a few Gala Games team rock stars. The open testing of the game is said to be the initiative for their Project GYRI, the temporarily chosen placeholder name that the developers will use during the early testing days of the blockchain.

The developers stated that the game is developed on the Gala chain and will illustrate many of the many blockchain activities that the whole Ecosystem will utilize in the future. Eventually, the testing and processing will lead to the most-awaited final migration of the blockchain of Gala Games.

Start playing Town Crush!

Starting to play Town Crush is a simple process. If you already have an account with Gala Games, you are ready to begin. However, if you are yet to be registered, you can go to the Gala. Games and click register at the top right corner. If you are through with the registration, head back to the Gala. Games, locate Town Crush, click PLAY, and begin playing on your browser.

Collect as many points as you can to propel the Farmer further. As players complete levels, they will earn Stars. Starters can use these collected stars to buy extra lives or Eggsecutioner Chicken Bombs for a headstart. As for your lives, you need not worry about running out of it as you will gain free lives so you can play the game whether you win or not.

To play the match 3 game, touch and drag to swap one sign with another nearby symbol. It will not let you make the transition until the colors match. More significantly, employing combinations and chain responses will provide you with a significant edge. Lastly, the game does not suggest players rush as there is no timer. However, players only have a limited number of movements to get the needed points for the level.

Town Crush’s temporary token

A new temporary token named TEST is a vital piece of this test. It resides on the Project GYRI blockchain, presently known as GalaChain on the Gala Games platform. TEST, although being an actual token on the GalaChain, is not transferrable and has no monetary value, as the development team stated.

When players initially begin the game, the game will invite them to set a spending limit for their TEST tokens. This process allows in-game purchases using TEST tokens, which the team may implement in a later phase of Project GYRI. This allowance notion is simply another sample of the features the players can anticipate seeing in the blockchain the creators are developing.

Purpose of testing Town Crush

Despite being an incredible game, Gala Games asserted that Town Crush is yet to be a “fully polished, ready to release Gala Game.” The game was planned and constructed purely as a test, and while the designers did outstanding work, players should not regard it as a fully developed or finished game.

As a result, Gala Games anticipates that players will be on the lookout for even the frivolous bugs in the game. The team declared to allocate rewards for those who can locate these bugs. Lastly, the development team appreciates all feedback substantially on their official Discord server.

Furthermore, Gala Games intends to include as many players as possible in their initial playtest in the hopes of learning the breaking points rather than just powering through the pressure. The team expects that diminutive execution errors are inevitable. In many cases, these are valuable to the team since they allow them to learn something that might avert something worse from happening in the future.

Finally, the team will continue the testing procedure in the following weeks. In the meantime, you may play this spectacularly magical game here. Gala Games will enlighten players about the many functions and features they will soon enjoy throughout the Gala Ecosystem.

Axie Infinity: Origin is finally out!

Axie Infinity’s newest version, Origin is finally out and playable in both mobile and pc’s alike. It has finally been released and one thing is for sure, it took the whole community by a storm of feedbacks, reactions, and mixed emotions. First and foremost, the new version of the game is downloadable on Sky Mavis’s official site, and for pc users it is available on the sky mavis launcher. The soft launch of Origin is what the community expected and not expected it to be. As we predicted, origin is almost entirely a different game than Axie Infinity. As the new version was launched on it’s release date, it is still not confirmed whether the origin update will replace the whole original axie game, or if it is a entirely separate game from the current version. The community had lots of high expectations in the launch of origin. Players expected a more competitive atmosphere in the game, others expected a free-to-play experience, and some wanted the game to make them earn more money. Whether all of this are brought in by the launch of origin is still debatable for a lot of people in the community. In the market side of the community of Axie infinity, lots of people expected a high increase in SLP (Smooth love potion) from this launch of the game. They expected a new burning mechanism that will be introduced once the game has been released in the community. However after testing out the game once it was released, a lot of the players were disappointed after knowing that there was no such thing. These kinds of expectations from the community can’t be helped since the developers teased a lot in their posts regarding a big change once the release of origin is out. Putting a lot of great things about the game is guaranteed to make people in the community excited for it’s release. It gives them hope that after the launch will finally be a right step towards a bright future of Axie Infinity.

The content of the game itself is interesting in it’s own category. Once you logged in your current account in Axie Infinity, you would be greeted with a cutscene inside the game that has a full-on dialogue of characters in the game. After the cutscene is the tutorial for the actual gameplay of the game. It is indeed a different gameplay from the main version of Axie infinity. The cards are different, the mechanics are different and the whole play-style will be different for a lot of players in the community. As of now, only adventure mode is playable since the game also specifically stated that it is still in progress before being final. Completing stages in Adventure mode rewards a player lots of stuffs like runes, charms and 6 free axies in total. The first three axis are given once the player reaches the second stage of Adventure mode, while the other three are rewarded for reaching the final stage of the game. If your existing account already has a team of axis, then it can be linked in the game once you reach a later stage in the game. Apart from changing existing cards’ stats, passives and mechanics, it has also been increased to six cards for each axies that a player owns. This totals up to 18 different cards that can be used in a match. The energy system is also somewhat changed, instead of stacking up energy for the next round it has been changed where it resets to only three energy per turn. This forces players to come up of strategies for each turn while making the most out of the energies that they have. Certain mechanics are also added in the game, like buffing an ally using a card, targeting a specific enemy on the opposing team, and being able to pick/remove a card from your deck. The runes mechanics of origin is also interesting. It introduces a stat-stick buff type of mechanic for axies to have in the game. Currently there is only two slots for each axies to equip them with a rune. These runes gives stats like +Hp, +Attack, +Speed and more. This will give a players an upper hand if their team is equipped with amazing runes that is well suited for their axies. Runes can ba obtained after clearing stages in Adventure mode. It gives random sets of runes each time a stage is cleared. These new mechanics are still in progress, but gives the community an idea of what matches against other players will be once the game is complete.

It is up to the community for them to decide whether the wait was worth it or not after the release of this game. The developers put a lot of hype in this new version of Axie infinity. They made the community expect a lot from this launch, while hoping that Axie infinity will maintain it’s status from being the top play to earn NFT game in the market. We can’t be fully sure of what’s to come next for Axie infinity. It started out as an NFT game where players are able to earn by playing the game back then. But the developers are planning for the game to be a full-on game wherein there is a lore, an interesting and fun gameplay, and a community that is built on the game itself and not the earning aspect of the game. Just as what the developers stated before, they would not remove the ability of players to earn in the game but at the same time they will not focus on improving it as well. With that said nothing in this version of the game yet is final, since it is still in the early access phase of it’s release. Bugs are bound to pop up in the game, and issues will be found while experiencing the game. For now, the community will have to wait once more to see what the future holds for Axie infinity.

Sorare prepares for a new exciting season!

Sorare gears up for a new spectacular season as they announce the upcoming card updates for the 2022/2023 season. The announcement contained an exciting sequence of updates on newly introduced cards and new card designs, among other things. Sorare’s COO, Ryan Spoon, emphasized that the cards will be easily recognizable for this season while remaining true to the look of the accustomed design of the players.

Spoon stated that gamers would notice recognizable characteristics such as the season year, serial number, scarcity, and team logo. In addition, the development team included more information, such as club and country acronyms. Further, the player takes center stage inside a new shield that allows for the addition of backdrops. Lastly, the font is powerful, crisp, and readable, and there’s a stenciled version of the player’s name towards the bottom of the card, making each card background unique to that individual.

Additionally, the announcement mentioned that they would reveal and release the Special Edition and Legends cards in the game throughout the season. It also includes some changes to the gameplay. You may still trade, play, and utilize the cards of previous seasons, but they will lose their current season bonus in contests. More importantly, new cards will have an additional +5% bonus. Finally, the new cards will be released this month with the addition of new J-League, K-League, and MLS players.

The announcement also includes Rookie cards. According to the team, Rookies will have the same basic card design and variations as the rest of the cards. However, they will receive some additional touches. The touches include enhanced holographic card edges, carbon fiber texture, and a bright new rookie badge. The team believes that these features work together to create a fun, unique card that stands out from the crowd.

Scarcity of Cards in Sorare

The game will have five new background variations for Limited, Rare, and Super Rare cards. The cards do not change when it comes to scoring or behavior, but this offers diversity, preference, and collectability. However, the development team will not apply these variations to Common or Unique cards. As a result, most of the information presented on the cards will remain the same as in past seasons.
Cards are color-coded according to their scarcity level. The following order shows the assigned colors of each card.

  • Common – Silver
  • Limited – Gold
  • Rare – Red
  • Super Rare – Blue
  • Unique – Black

Each player card has a modified part at each scarcity level. These include emphasized slight design alterations in the shield backgrounds. The performance of the cards will not be affected by the mentioned alterations. Additionally, the same goes for the shape and form of the cards. As a result, you won’t need to make any significant adjustments to your Sorare strategy.

In conclusion, a redesign of the Sorare gaming lobby will complement the cards. A fresh, efficient, and clean design will make it easier for consumers to traverse the game. All provided relevant news topics will be significant to the user and their teams. Sorting will be possible using filters for security. It goes the same for the format, eligibility, and rewards. This update is still in the works, but Sorare guarantees that it will be available shortly.

Derby Stars’ final presale is here at last!

On March 30, the Derby Stars team announced that the last pre-sale would commence in the first quarter of May. The announcement included One Planet being the designated platform for the minting, which contributed to an incredible experience during the second pre-sale. The minting will comprise 4,000 horses, bringing their total supply of Origin Horses to 10,000. Details such as the actual date, time, and starting price of the auction during the final stage, on the other hand, remain unknown.

The final pre-sale will follow a similar pattern to the two prior pre-sales. The first stage will be a private sale in which only whitelisted members can participate. Before the presale begins, the Derby Stars team will give 2,500 whitelist tickets (WL) in different manners (details below). In this stage, 2,500 common and rare horses will be minted randomly at the end of the phase.

The second stage is a public sale, which is available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. In comparison to previous pre-sales, the public sale this time will be at a smaller amount, with just 1,060 random common and rare horses (5 LUNA per mint) compared to 1,470 of the first two. More importantly, players can mint only three horses per wallet.

In contrast to the public sale, the last stage will mint 40 unique horses, which is 10-more than the Unique Auction of the first two pre-sales. During this phase, players can mint only up to three Unique horses. This process will make the minting fairer. Lastly, starting price per unit and the time of auction remain unannounced.

Whitelist Ticket Details

A ticket allows you to mint only one horse NFT. The team allocated 2,500 WL tickets for this pre-sale for them to distribute to various members of the Derby Stars community. From March 30 until the end of April, opportunities to gain WL tickets will be open. Several ways to obtain WL tickets are as follows:

Derby Stars’ official Discord server

There are numerous ways to obtain WL tickets on the official Discord server of Derby Stars. One of these ways is having one of the two WL roles.

  1. @Enthusiasts – Enthusiasts are Derby Stars members that the team feels exemplify the perfect community member. They share the mission and assist the community to come together by guiding newbies and sharing everything there is to know about horse qualities, among other things. Enthusiasts can get WL roles by participating in raffle and community events to obtain three tickets at max.
  2. @WL – members can obtain this role by participating in raffles and community activities. If you hold a WL role, you will not be able to obtain more WL tickets at other Raffle and Community events.

The team will also award members that engage in community activities such as quiz trivia, art & meme contests, discord games, and AMA amounting to 240 tickets. During April, the team will organize raffles to award 450 tickets to members. Everyone, LV 5 and LV 10 of “MEE6” have their corresponding raffle pool.

The Derby Stars team believes that collaboration is essential to succeeding in the environment. They have allocated 625 WL tickets for collaborations with other NFT and P2E initiatives. This partnership includes influencers and ambassadors. Interested prospects can submit a business ticket to the official server of Derby Stars. Similarly, the team expects Gaming Guilds will raise interest in Derby Stars. The team has allotted 900 WL tickets to various gaming guilds that line with their objectives.

Finally, the team stated in their announcement that they would raffle out any remaining WL tickets on their Discord server. In addition, the crew emphasized that the overall allocation of the WL may alter.

Aavegotchi Review: is this DeFi NFT game worth it?

Aavegotchi is a DeFi NFT game running on the Aave network. The game combines decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens in a gaming experience that helps players learn and get into the crypto world in a fun and engaging way. It also has a play-to-earn model allowing players to stake their tokens and earn yields with real-world value.

Aavegotchi allows players to create their own game characters called Gotchis. Players can also buy Gotchis from the game’s marketplace. These characters are represented by NFTs, so they are unique and have a real value.

How valuable are Aavegotchi Gotchis? Well, the value of Gotchis depends on various factors. First, you must understand that every Gotchi is unique, and that’s how they can be traded as NFTs. Therefore, attributes usually vary from one Gotchi to the next. Gotchis with the best attributes are more valuable. Also, the rarest Gotchis are way more valuable than regular or common ones.

Aavegotchi was launched in 2021 by Pixelcraft Studios. The project has multiple people supporting its development. The company co-founder, Jesse Johnson, is well known as the creator of Bullionix, the first platform to provide gold-backed NFTs.

How does Aavegotchi work?

Aavagotchi is very similar to another blockchain game called Tamagotchi. However, Aavagotchi runs on the Aave protocol, a side-chain of Ethereum. Players must have a MetaMask account and an Ethereum address to experience the game. From there, you’ll need to purchase GHST tokens (the native token for the game) to now buy and use in-game assets.

Aaavegotchi essentially involves purchasing NFTs called Gotchis and upgrading their avatars in various ways. One easy way is by participating in mini-games. These games help players earn rewards that can be used to upgrade the Gotchis even further.

Gotchis avatars are also found in Aavagotchi as NFT collectibles.

Another way to earn GHST tokens is by participating in rarity farming. The gameplay was designed to reward active and thoughtful players. Therefore, the rewards you get will depend on the uniqueness, experience, and rarity of your Gotchis. You should get more rewards if you spend more time customizing and upgrading your Gotchis.

Gotchis have different traits affecting their rarity. First, when you summon a Gotchi, the system assigns them several random traits. The randomly-generated traits include energy, aggressiveness, spookiness, brain size, eye shape, eye color, and eye size. These attributes affect how the Gotchi performs in different mini-games. For example, a Gotchi with a high energy trait will perform well in races but very poorly in meditation mini-games.

Besides the randomly-generated traits, there are several other traits, including:

  • Kinship – This trait shows the Gotchis loyalty to its owner. All Gotchis come with an assigned Kinship trait that fluctuates upwards or downwards depending on how often you interact with it and how long it stays with one owner.
  • Experience – Gotchis get experience or XP when they participate in mini-games and vote in the AavegotchisDAO. You can also sacrifice your Aavegotchi and transfer some of its XP to another Aavegotchi.
  • Level – Gotchis levels increase as they get more XP. Your Gotchis will also earn a spirit point after moving through several levels. These points can be used to boost certain traits.
  • Haunt – Haunt represents a group of Gotchis traveling to the Ether Realm from the Nether Realm.

Aavegotchi offers different types of gaming modes. Mini-games are part of the experience. These games allow players to invite their friends for different types of games ranging from combat to baking and meditation.

Your performance in the mini-games will depend on the traits of the Gotchis you are using for each game. You want to pick a Gotchi with relevant traits for the specific game in question. For example, a Gotchis with high aggressive traits is ideal for combat-related mini-games. Winners earn more XP and the Spirit Force (aTokens) of the defeated opponent.

Speaking of mini-games, Aaavagotchi developers report there will be two types of mini-games; official and unofficial or community games. Official games will be developed by the game’s developers. Meanwhile, unofficial games will be developed by the Aavagotchi community. Reverse Pacman and Gotchi Tower Defense are examples of community mini-games.

How To Play Aavegotchi

You’ll need to connect your MetaMask wallet with Aavegotchi when you first sign up. You should also load the wallet with some Ethereum, which you’ll need to purchase the Aavegotchi’s in-game currency later on.

With that out of the way, here is a step by step guide on how to start playing Aavegotchi and some tips to help you outsmart opponents:

Strep 1: Buy GHST Tokens

GHST is the native currency in Aavegotchi. You need these tokens to purchase in-game assets like the Gotchis, consumables, wearables, and other items. To purchase GHST tokens, go to the official Aaavegotchi website and click “Get GHST.” You will see several options on how to purchase the tokens.

You can buy through decentralized exchanges like UniSwap, QuickSwap, and Pancake Swap. You can also buy the tokens from centralized exchanges such as Kraken and Binance.

Bonding Curve is the other option. However, you will need KYC to purchase tokens from this platform. Unfortunately, US, China, Iran, and North Korean citizens cannot use this platform.

You should also know that Aaevgotchi migrated to Polygon, which makes the process of sending your tokens from Ethereum to Polygon a bit longer. You need to bridge from the Ethereum to the Polygon blockchain using the Aavegotchi bridge to complete that transfer.

Step 2: Go To The Baazaar

Baazaar is the name given to the Aavegotchi marketplace. This is where you’ll be able to purchase in-game assets like the Aavegotchis. You will also find wearables, consumables, raffle tickets, and portals from this menu.

The marketplace provides insightful details about every item listed for sale. For example, if you click on the Aavegotchis tab on the left, you will see a list of all the Aavegotchis available. Moreover, you will see key attributes and other details attached to every Aavegotchi. For example, you will see their rarity score, Kinship, level, and haunt. It also shows scores for all six Aavegotchi traits.

You’ll also see the owner of the Aavegotchi and information on whether the Aavegotchi has ever been sold before and for how much.

These details should make it easier to find the assets you want.

Step 3: Summon Your Aavegotchi

Head over to the portal to summon your “friend” or Aavegotchi. You will notice that there are 10 Aavegotchis in each portal. You can only summon one from the ten. Therefore, scan through the traits of each Aavegotchi before picking one. Once you pick the Aavegotchi you want, the rest will disappear.

You will need GHST tokens to purchase portals from Aavegotchis. These portals are usually put up for sale every month through an event called “Haunts.”

Besides the GHST tokens needed to buy the portal, you will also require aTokens (spirit force) to use as a stake when summoning Aavegotchis from the portal. There is a minimum stake that you must submit. But, of course, you can go above that set minimum.

You can get the aTokens from Aave or through decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.

The problem with getting Aavegotchis through the portal is that the number of portals is typically very limited. That means the demand is high, which makes it harder for everyone to get the portals. Therefore, you’ll have to acquire the Aavegotchis via the main marketplace more often than not. Nevertheless, be sure to analyze the base rarity score (BRS) of the Aavegotcis before summoning one from the portal.

Step 4: Participate In Rarity Farming

Rarity farming involves raising Aavegotchis to increase their rarity score and, by extension, value. There are various ways of boosting the rarity of your Gotchis. The first and more obvious method is by picking Aavegotchis with a high base rarity score when summoning them. That, by itself, gives you a headstart before you even start doing anything else to the Aaavegotchi.

The next method is by equipping your Aavegotchis with wearables. You can even purchase a pair of wearables that give your Aavegotchi bonus scores when equipped together.

The wearables are not free. You have to buy them from the Baazaar marketplace using GHST tokens. Wearables do more than boost your Aaavegotchis’ rarity, though. They will also improve the Gotchis performance in mini-games. That can help you defeat opponents to earn even more rewards from the game.

One thing to keep in mind is that rarity is not exactly linear. There is no guarantee that focusing on one trait can increase your Gotchi’s rarity score. External factors can also come into play. For example, if a significant portion of players were to increase their Gotchi’s aggression points, the game would end up having too many Gotchis with high aggression. That will automatically reduce the rarity of Aavegotchis with the trait.

Therefore, consider what other players are doing and adjust your rarity farming strategy accordingly. That’s why it is essential to be passionate and active in the Aavegotchi community.

Step 5: Collect Your Rarity Farming Rewards

The rewards you earn from rarity farming are sent to your Aavegotchi’s inventories. To access these rewards, go to “My Avegotchis Page” and click any Aavegotchis involved in farming. You will then see a “Pocket” button at the bottom right corner of the next window. Click that button. That will display the inventory of that specific Aavegotchi. You will see how many GHST tokens they’ve earned from there. You should also see the wearables they have.

Participate in Community-Created Mini-Games

Aavegotchi developers are still working on the official Aavegotchi mini-games. They hope to create immersive games that will allow players to pit and control their Gotchis when battling against real opponents. Additionally, they are working on another simpler mode that will use random number generators to put two players against each other.

All that is to come, though. What you can play at the moment are the community mini-games developed by Aavegotchi enthusiasts. There are just under 20 mini-games available to play right now. The games also provide different experiences.

For example, the Gotchi Tower Defense developed by Jarrod requires you to defend a tower against caster invaders. Meanwhile, the Reverse Pacman created by Aaron555 is based on the old Pac-man game. However, it has different rules to spice things up.

Play in the Gotchiverse

The Gotchiverse or Ether Realm is a recently introduced feature in Aavegotchi. The Realm is split into three zones; The Citaadel, The Grid, and The Beyond. You will find districts within some of these zones. The districts are home to different guilds.

This realm gives players the opportunity to farm, craft, trade, and fight using their Aavegotchies. Engaging in these activities helps you acquire resources called Gotchus Alchemica which can be used to build installations.

The developers are also working to introduce Lickquidators who will invade the Gotchiverse. The Liqckquidators will come to fight Aavegotchis and collect loose Gotchus Alchemica in the Ether Realm.

Players can also opt to play as Lickquidators instead of Aavegotchis. All they need is Lickuidator Credits which can be bought using GHST tokens. You can also get the tokens by inviting your friends, completing different tasks, and participating in airdrops.

How much can you make with Aavegotchi?

Ultimately, the amount of money you can make from Aavegotchi will depend on your input and the game’s developers to take the project to the next level. You need to invest in upgrading your Gotchis to increase their value. You’ll also need to spend time staking your tokens and playing the mini-games and other quests to raise your Gotchis XP and rarity.

On the developer’s end, they’ll need to continue investing in the project to attract new players and drive the value of the game’s digital assets upwards.

In Closing

The crypto gaming industry blew up not long ago, but the market is already filled with hundreds of crypto games. However, very few of these games have a solid development plan that may help investors get their money back.

Aavegotchi has several advantages that most other crypto games don’t have. First, the project is headed by Jesse Johnson, the co-founder of Bullionix. He’s a pretty respectable figure in the crypto world. The game is also being developed by Pixelcraft Studios, a renowned gaming studio.

The gameplay and tokenomics of Aavegotchi are also pretty good. There are lots of resources to help you learn the game. You also get various opportunities to earn in-game rewards either by playing the game or passively through holding or staking your tokens. Therefore, Aavegotchi is an NFT game worth your consideration if you want to invest in the play-to-earn crypto game industry