Cryptoblades: An in-depth review of this RPG style NFT game

Cyptoblades is a very unique NFT game in the blockchain, that focuses on an RPG style gameplay. First of all what is an RPG? An RPG or role playing game, is a type of game genre wherein players acts or fills in roles of a character in a fictional setting. An RPG game mostly focuses on progressing the game by focusing on decisions that makes a huge impact in the game. These decisions can either be based on the story aspect of a game, or the character development aspect. RPGs are mostly games wherein a player grinds for endless of hours just to build a character that they like. Players focuses on items, skillsets, and the statistics of characters that they build. Cryptoblades is a game that is more or less of what was mentioned before. It is a game that utilizes the skills of players when it comes with building characters and choosing the right weapons and teams to win battles. Players are also able to trade their blades online with other players in the game’s own exclusive market to prevent any forms of mischievous acts. They are also able to buy and sell different kinds of blades and characters with other players through the market. Despite the competition with other NFT games like Axie Infinity, Cryptoblades is on the top when it comes to being unique and different from other NFT games. It is one of the simplest games out there in the blockchain, yet still emphasizes the skill of a player.

Cryptoblades is a game that is known for being a simplistic and grind-focused game. It is played on a website by just simply clicking to battle enemies. Since Cryptoblades is an RPG style game, it is mostly grinding to build a character and attain a strong blade. For the game to have a sense of variety, it has different elements assigned with different characters in the game. Naturally these elements counter the other, while some are weak with others. There is a stamina system in the game which limits the player’s capability to compete with battles against other players. Players can only use four characters each with different elements and blades assigned to them. Once a player enters the combat section of the game they are greeted with four enemies available to fight. Character have their own respective power levels for both the enemies and the ones that players own. When a player chooses an enemy to fight, they consider the power level of the enemy along with its assigned element to take the upper advantage of the battle. Once a player has chosen an enemy, they are then to choose their character and then give them the blade to be used for battle. Winning a battle rewards a player experience to level up their characters and SKILL (the token of the game). SKILL rewards are based on how high the power level of an enemy is. Enemies can be refreshed once every hour which players can use to their advantage by increasing their odds of winning battles. Players can keep on grinding experience used to increase the strength of their characters while earning money simply by winning multiple battles every day in the game.

Although Cryptoblades does not focus on the competitive aspect of a game which some players prefer more than grinding, it is still a time consuming game. It may not be as exciting as games like Axie Infinity wherein players are able to battle it out with other players, but it is still a game that focuses on the knowledge of a player. Unlike other NFT games, Cryptoblades is basically a 100% earning game as long as a player’s characters are strong enough to win and defeat every single enemies in a battle. Cryptoblades is a game that opens up to lots of possibilities in the blockchain. This game proves that an NFT game can be more than just what it is.

Pegaxy has finally launched it’s newest update!

After days and weeks of waiting for the new pegaxy update to go live into the servers, the developers has finally released it and is now available for the players to try. This update primarily focuses on the stats based system for racing and breeding on pegas which will heavily impact the system of the game. Ever since the launch of this NFT game, pegaxy went through some ups and downs in it’s months of release. VIS and PGX (token used in pegaxy) went on an all time high price in this year, and steadily declined as it cannot hold it’s price in the market. The community has been asking for a change that will turn the tables of the token back up again. The developers responded by showing a roadmap of updates that looks promising in the community.

One of these updates is stats-based system which gives stats a more significant role in the game. This update gives off a more competitive atmosphere in the game, wherein players and breeders will take stats more into consideration when it comes to breeding and playing with other players online. This then results to a sort of burning mechanism that will help stabilize the economy of the game. Pegaxy is an NFT game that is all about racing, and relying on RNG (Random Number Generator) to win a match with other players. But this update introduces a whole new mechanism wherein, players will have to twice or thrice whether their pegas are suited to a specific track in a race.

Leveling system of Pegas

One of the features introduced in this pegaxy update is the leveling system for pegas. This is where the burning mechanism aspect of the game will come in. Players will be able to increase the stats of their pegas, which then will increase the earning ability of it as well.

It opens up a whole new competitive aspect of the game wherein players will be able to come up with specializations for different pegas which might give them the upper hand in specific tracks.

Additionally, breeders might have to change their planning when it comes to proving pegas to scholars. Should they focus more on the amount of pegas to be provided for many scholars, or should they focus on a small amount wherein breeders can give their scholars a more likely chance of winning a race. Either way, it is definitely a feature that people in the community will surely talk and debate about in the future.

Change in renting rates

There are also features suchs as changing the rates for renting pegas live, and implementing a system that gets rid of bots when renting pegas. These are just minor features that will benefit both the managers, and the aspiring scholars of the game. The anti bot system will definitely help more players secure a slot when renting a pega that is posted in the market. And the live change rate on rent system, will be a useful tool for managers when they decide to have their pegas rentable. Overall these are just new features that are sort of a QOL (Quality of life) that provides a more comfortable accessibility within the game.

This new update is yet to prove itself that it is what the community is waiting for. However it is certainly a step towards the right direction of the future for this game. It is unsure whether this update will finally give a pump for the currency of this game in the market. This will all depend whether how much of an impact will this update be after months of playing the game.

Axie Infinity: Origin is finally out!

Axie Infinity’s newest version, Origin is finally out and playable in both mobile and pc’s alike. It has finally been released and one thing is for sure, it took the whole community by a storm of feedbacks, reactions, and mixed emotions. First and foremost, the new version of the game is downloadable on Sky Mavis’s official site, and for pc users it is available on the sky mavis launcher. The soft launch of Origin is what the community expected and not expected it to be. As we predicted, origin is almost entirely a different game than Axie Infinity. As the new version was launched on it’s release date, it is still not confirmed whether the origin update will replace the whole original axie game, or if it is a entirely separate game from the current version. The community had lots of high expectations in the launch of origin. Players expected a more competitive atmosphere in the game, others expected a free-to-play experience, and some wanted the game to make them earn more money. Whether all of this are brought in by the launch of origin is still debatable for a lot of people in the community. In the market side of the community of Axie infinity, lots of people expected a high increase in SLP (Smooth love potion) from this launch of the game. They expected a new burning mechanism that will be introduced once the game has been released in the community. However after testing out the game once it was released, a lot of the players were disappointed after knowing that there was no such thing. These kinds of expectations from the community can’t be helped since the developers teased a lot in their posts regarding a big change once the release of origin is out. Putting a lot of great things about the game is guaranteed to make people in the community excited for it’s release. It gives them hope that after the launch will finally be a right step towards a bright future of Axie Infinity.

The content of the game itself is interesting in it’s own category. Once you logged in your current account in Axie Infinity, you would be greeted with a cutscene inside the game that has a full-on dialogue of characters in the game. After the cutscene is the tutorial for the actual gameplay of the game. It is indeed a different gameplay from the main version of Axie infinity. The cards are different, the mechanics are different and the whole play-style will be different for a lot of players in the community. As of now, only adventure mode is playable since the game also specifically stated that it is still in progress before being final. Completing stages in Adventure mode rewards a player lots of stuffs like runes, charms and 6 free axies in total. The first three axis are given once the player reaches the second stage of Adventure mode, while the other three are rewarded for reaching the final stage of the game. If your existing account already has a team of axis, then it can be linked in the game once you reach a later stage in the game. Apart from changing existing cards’ stats, passives and mechanics, it has also been increased to six cards for each axies that a player owns. This totals up to 18 different cards that can be used in a match. The energy system is also somewhat changed, instead of stacking up energy for the next round it has been changed where it resets to only three energy per turn. This forces players to come up of strategies for each turn while making the most out of the energies that they have. Certain mechanics are also added in the game, like buffing an ally using a card, targeting a specific enemy on the opposing team, and being able to pick/remove a card from your deck. The runes mechanics of origin is also interesting. It introduces a stat-stick buff type of mechanic for axies to have in the game. Currently there is only two slots for each axies to equip them with a rune. These runes gives stats like +Hp, +Attack, +Speed and more. This will give a players an upper hand if their team is equipped with amazing runes that is well suited for their axies. Runes can ba obtained after clearing stages in Adventure mode. It gives random sets of runes each time a stage is cleared. These new mechanics are still in progress, but gives the community an idea of what matches against other players will be once the game is complete.

It is up to the community for them to decide whether the wait was worth it or not after the release of this game. The developers put a lot of hype in this new version of Axie infinity. They made the community expect a lot from this launch, while hoping that Axie infinity will maintain it’s status from being the top play to earn NFT game in the market. We can’t be fully sure of what’s to come next for Axie infinity. It started out as an NFT game where players are able to earn by playing the game back then. But the developers are planning for the game to be a full-on game wherein there is a lore, an interesting and fun gameplay, and a community that is built on the game itself and not the earning aspect of the game. Just as what the developers stated before, they would not remove the ability of players to earn in the game but at the same time they will not focus on improving it as well. With that said nothing in this version of the game yet is final, since it is still in the early access phase of it’s release. Bugs are bound to pop up in the game, and issues will be found while experiencing the game. For now, the community will have to wait once more to see what the future holds for Axie infinity.

Pegaxy has now implemented Stats system in Racing and Breeding

One of the popular and most talked about NFT game today Pegaxy has finally introduced it’s biggest update yet. The genetics update brought by the developer team of Pegaxy, comes with a new breeding event that may change the whole tide of balance for the game. This update is about changing the gameplay of Pegaxy by taking into consideration the stats of Pegas instead of RNG (Random Number Generator). This is a huge improvement for the game as it will impose a more competitive atmosphere for players to breed more faster Pegas for them to use them in a race. Up until now, races/matches in Pegaxy relied on factors that are randomly generated, and a player will most likely win because of luck.

With this new update, genetics and statistics of each Pega will be more important than ever making players focus on them more rather than being lucky to win. This is why people in the community of Pegaxy calls this update “Stats matter more now”. This will have a really big impact in both the market and playerbase of Pegaxy since breeding of Pegas relies on the NFT aspect of the game.

Breeders will spend more and breed efficiently for them to attain a well built Pega with good stats and genetics. And players will also be motivated to play and race with other players online with their Pegas, because it will give them the true satisfaction of winning since it will determine whose Pega is better than the other.

This update is expected to fix one of the many issues of Pegaxy today, which is oversupply of Pegas. The genetics update will introduce a new burning mechanism to decrease the rising supply of Pegas in the market which affects the currency/token of the game Vigorous (VIS). However, despite the high supply for Pegas, Pegaxy will remove the cooldown period to make way for the new breeding event in the game.

It will enable breeders and players to breed/level up more Pegas that will help them win more matches within a day. The breeding event is expected to start on the 3rd of April, wherein players hope to see a rise and comeback of the VIS token in the market. But with that all said Pegaxy is far from being a skill based NFT game like its competitor Axie Infinity. At the moment, the game only focuses on creating Pegas that are tested on different types of stadiums that favors specific types of Pegas that are compatible in a stadium.

It is said however, that in the future Pegaxy will be introducing foods and gears that can be used on Pegas. We do not have any official information about it yet, but people speculate it to be a type of upgrades that can be used to enhance and improve the stats of a Pega. This will also might be able to be a type of burning mechanism to reduce the surplus of the token in the market. With this new update coming into the game, players and breeders in the community can expect a brighter future for the game that they have all been waiting for ever since it’s release.

What to Expect In Axie Infinity: Origin

Axie Infinity, is one of if not the most popular play to earn games out there today has recently been developing a whole new version for it’s players to experience, named Axie Infinity: Origin. Although the release date has been teased and moved countless of times before the fact has still remained that the new update will change the whole market. The developer of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis along with it’s founder Jihoz has made a lot of major improvements and changes to the game that will surely excite the players. Based on the posters, posts, and announcements they made the new version contains new cards, new visuals, new effects, and a Free-to-play experience for those who wants to try the game for free!

The game is said to give players three free starter axies that they can use but only in the new mode which is “Story mode. We can expect that the update will be quite big and take a bit of memory for players to be able to install it on their devices. Although it might not be one big update on it’s launch, but it might be multiple updates that will drop one by one in the future.

In the process of balancing and fixing the game before it’s launch (along with the volume of slp in the market) Sky mavis aims to change their way of improving the game. As mentioned before, players will be able to receive three starter axies named Olek, Buba, and Puffy that they will be able to use to experience the game. The whole gameplay itself will be a different experience since Sky mavis wants to make the game more fast paced and interacted while playing a match. They made changes like players being able to interact with the cards that the opponents will use in their turns.

This means that instead of waiting for the other player to finish their turn, players will be able to counter the opponent’s card immediately while they are still making their move. Additionally, it is also said that they made changes to the mechanics of using your energy for card management. This is to ensure players to use their energy at each round instead of saving them for the next one.

This new version of the game will not only affect the gameplay experience of players, but also they way they will be able to earn money with it. SLP (Smooth love potion) is the main currency of this game, wherein it is used to either exchange it for money, for breeding, or trade it to buy axies in the marketplace. As of the current version of the game, players are able to earn SLP by winning a match with other players in the game. Sky mavis removed the daily rewards and SLP earnings through playing adventure mode to reduce the volume of SLP within the market. However, it was still not enough for the price of SLP to rise once more in the market.

Traders, investors, and players from the community predicts that this update will finally pave a way for SLP to pump to the moon. It’s obvious why the community predicts this for the sole reason of the new update bringing in new possibilities for the game. This is why Axie infinity has continued to live on ever since it’s first release years ago. The developers always think of new ideas and ways for the game to be enjoyable for people while still being a play-to-earn game. This is why axie infinity is known as the number NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game in the market today!

Axie Infinity: Origin finally launches it’s trailer and to be released on April 7!

After months of teasing, leaks, and rumors that had been going around in the community about the new version of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis has finally released the launch date and the official gameplay trailer of the game. The trailer is truly promising and is bombarded with loads of information given to all the players waiting for the game. The new version is really like an entirely different version from the original.

It has new visuals, new designs, new game mode, and a much better experience with the game. We can see in the trailer that the whole user interface of the game has also changed as well, there is also a way to connect with friends online within the game! There will also be a new feature which are card upgrades that can be utilized to make your team stronger and climb the leaderboard. The trailer also presented a new mode where players gets to diverse in the world of Lunacian and a discover the amazing world of Axie Infinity.

Art styles, animations and game designs were not the only one changed in the new upcoming version of Axie Infinity, move sets, game mechanics are changed as well as adding a new system to the game. The developer team of Axie Infinity, Sky mavis added new features such as runes/charms, the new Rage mechanic, and more. We do not have an idea to which what these features are, and what they do in the game. Although they announced that on April 2, 2022, 10 am EST they will be having a stream on their official twitch account showcasing full gameplay of the alpha version of Origin. This will be a great opportunity for players to have an early look of what the game will be instead of waiting a few more days for it to come out. Other than that, we can expect that although the game will launch in a matter of days, it still a soft launch. This means that the game will only be available to a limited amount of people.

This new update will surely be the biggest update the community has seen in Axie Infinity. It will change the whole course of what we know about the game so far and make it into something that we can all enjoy together while earning at the same time. We can also expect the game to be more competitive than ever with the whole new leaderboard and ranking system as seen from the trailer and announcements from Sky Mavis.

This version of Axie Infinity might also be able to make a way for it to enter the mainstream of gaming, wherein it can be an official Esports game that many people will pay attention to just like League of Legends, Pokemon, Smash brothers and more. It truly shows what the founder of Sky Mavis “Jihoz” envisioned Axie Infinity to be. A game that will be more than a play to earn game. Based on everything we know so far we can assume that after the new update, Axie Infinity will be more than an NFT game. It is approaching to be something that will be enjoyed by gamers and traders from crypto alike.